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Man is good enough for a lifetime of anti-aging law

Under normal circumstances, the initial aging Men are at 20-22 year-old physical development started when fully ripe. However, this should not be a state of depression and panic. Experts study confirmed that the life span of people is entirely possible to achieve 110-year-old, to anti-aging, men must know their own ages in different physiological characteristics, there is targeted to take a variety of health-care methods

20-30 years: eat less sweets, a small amount of drinking, smoking fewer cigarettes

This age group, men's body began to slow metabolism, because sweets containing heat too high, easily converted into fat accumulation in the abdomen, it is best to eat less or quit. As a result of this age group is the career of a Man, Make friends with a good opportunity, usually entertainment, the opportunity to drink more, so we should pay attention to drink less. Alcohol can increase the risk of liver cancer, oral cancer and laryngeal cancer the possibility of alcohol can make blood pressure, leading to heart disease or myocardial infarction. Excessive drinking also affects to the quality of sexual life, and many alcohol more harmful to human sperm damage.

Not to smoke, smoking will make you to reduce the average life expectancy of 10 years. Smoking will increase because of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and respiratory disease, therefore, that the best Men ages quit smoking, such as temporary ring can not, should eat more carrots, onions, garlic, spinach and orange fruits Eating more fish, such as regular tea so as to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco.To regular physical activity can often doing deep breathing, and its benefits will gradually be reflected. For delaying aging muscles can only do more exercise. But rather sports scholarship selection, only those who like entertainment rather than high-intensity exercise training until this has helped, it will be counterproductive. These sports can promote the body burn extra calories, but also to maintain normal metabolism. If this time is not the time to step up physical activity, physical fitness age of 70 will drop two-thirds.

This age group is the best time for marriage. According to statistics, the marriage has even premature death rate than those who are single, widowed and divorced were low. To select the most suitable for their profession, a suitable job has an enormous impact on life expectancy.

30-40 years: do any work to prevent the noise, protect skin

Enter notched, skin begins to relax, wrinkles around the eyes began to appear. At this time the sun should be less, often applying moisturizer to prevent dry skin.

Men of this age are facing another problem is the decline in hearing, which is working and living environment of the noise. If you are a music enthusiast, less listening to some heavy metal music, the noise at large positions on the job must have to wear earplugs.

Blood cholesterol level increased with age, low-density lipid vascular plug material is also on the rise, and the excretion of waste will help high-density lipoprotein are diminishing. Therefore, it seems that diet is particularly important to avoid overeating. To increase high-density lipoprotein levels, they are advised to eat more light food. To control fat, constitute everyday energy intake of fat should not exceed 30 percent, but not less than 15%.

Experts recommend that men in this age group should proceed to the prevention of kidney disease, every day to drink 8-10 glasses of water. After 35 years of age, men can easily bump the lower abdomen, when tens of millions of sports should not fish for three days, two days of drying Net.

Adult men everything complicated, emotional tension has been the impact of food intake, if not on time quantitative too hungry to eat and often over-fed, may cause gastrointestinal damage and the impact of mood and sleep, and mood and sleep would affect the poor feeding, thus forming a vicious circle. In such cases many feel exhausted, would affect the sexual life of natural harmony.When tired and nervous, it is possible dizziness, shortness of breath, the spirit of lax phenomenon, particularly those who are physically so weak. Therefore, in the diet should be conscious of the many eating protein-rich food such as milk, eggs, etc., and a balanced intake of multiple nutrients in order to enhance the body nutritionally adequate and energetic.

40-50 years: Events binocular, diligence investigation body, relax the muscles

During this period the most headache problem are decreased visual acuity. Diabetes lead to blindness are the most common, it will gradually damage in human blood vessels, and even the eye. Therefore, should periodically go to the hospital for ophthalmic examination to do. Similarly, there is the risk of patients with various cardiovascular diseases. Normal eye may wish to do more exercise, you can slowly roll his eyeballs up and down around or stretched out arm, thumb in the body before the draw 8 character eyes moving to follow the thumb. Flower 15 minutes every day to do these exercises, be able to effectively prevent presbyopia and cataract.

Lot of men will feel that their needs subside, in fact, it's normal, go look up improve the quality of sexual life.

Busy job is nerve tension, easy to use muscle relaxation to achieve a state of general relaxation. As follows: to find a place to sit down and quickly stretched the body of a piece of muscle for 5 seconds, then slowly relax. Repeated muscle tighten and relax moves from scratch, eyes to the toes, the body muscles can be carried out.

Changes do not go to the hospital a few years of bad habits. Men do not much love to see a doctor, according to statistics, there is 80% of seriously ill patients admit that they are not long-term hospital, misuse of a minor illness into a serious illness, until a heart attack, stroke and other diseases attack only has to go to the hospital, missing the best treatment time. Therefore, routine annual physical examination are the best way to stay healthy.

50-60 years: pay attention to teeth, muscle exercises, many with brain

Medical studies have shown that the human body's cholesterol levels at 50 years of age will be stalled, as far as possible to eat less bread, butter, high-calorie food, because this age group often long meat easily. Function of the body's immune system would be a great step backward, are more susceptible to various diseases, physical restoration of same required more time. This requires people to select appropriate food rich in vitamin C, E and carrot-based food, as they have in favor of regulating the balance of chemical reactions in vivo.

Oral health is also important, when regular shrinking gums happen. Facial hair can easily Fu, double chin, may wish to make some facial massage. Of course, in this age of the men most vulnerable to the problems lies in the reduction of human muscle, easily cause dysuria. At the same time, during this period are the main problems facing the body weight loss, maybe this is the fat people will not be able to hope to achieve, but it does not bode well. Body weight decreased from the reduction of human muscle, muscle in the human body is greater than the proportion of fat. At this age, weight loss in human aging are danger signals. Shoulder and arm skin laxity was the most powerful muscles need regular exercise.

Men's height will decrease around every 20 years are reduced to about 1.5 centimeters. At the same time, the hair will gradually dim the luster, can be used a number of nutrient-rich conditioner. But never forget that exercise the brain, usually read many magazine, recreating the intellectual questions can be.

60-70 years: treat life and build up their strength, a healthy diet

Men in this age group, and its exterior features of significant changes will occur: the skin is more rough, began to appear senile plaques of varying sizes; nose appears wider longer, many meat earlobe. Sleep may not help reduce the physical restoration of people's memory will become increasingly worse. Legs and waist will naturally aging. Once the strength of legs weakened, people are likely to fall, and even lead to a lifetime bedridden.

When conducting physical training, adhere to one quarter of an hour every day, mainly knees, straight action, and insist to the outdoors every day to take a walk, doing gymnastics, such as broadcasting. At this point the most important thing is to maintain positive mood and good health, not change the appearance of emotions, to maintain calm attitude, optimistic mood. At the same time, in order to prevent the occurrence of various types of cancer, should be consumed with many anti-cancer effects of food,For example: fresh fruits and vegetables, especially spinach, tomatoes, celery, apples, dates, citrus, pineapple, peas, bean sprouts, melons, carrots, etc.; containing polysaccharides of plants, mushrooms, straw mushroom, edible fungus, Tremella, Hericium, mushrooms, etc.; seafood as the best anti-cancer food, they are advised to eat more sea cucumber, kelp, seaweed, clams, mussels, squid, squid, mussels, shrimp, jellyfish skin, abalone, which have anti-cancer, anti-cancer effects; containing trace metal elements in the foods are: eggs, sesame seeds, liver, kidney, brewer's yeast, malt, water chestnuts, Adlay, water chestnut, lily, Chinese yam, tea, etc..

Although the food have anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, but the daily consumption, excessive intake of it will be completely balanced diet and do not eclipse, so to achieve the anti-cancer effect. To try to eat more oily and fried food, eat more vegetable oil, animal oil eat less, eat more than usual garlic and fish, moderate drink red wine, these practices can reduce the cholesterol content.

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