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12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it?

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? Very simple diet can affect body weight, take a look at whether you committed the following errors 12 lose weight:
12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 1. To rely on a diet

Every day you may be apart from grapefruit and cabbage soup to eat do not eat anything else outside, so every day you are to reduce heat absorption, but at the same time your metabolism will slow down. Once the eating end of the speed of the body will burn calories more slowly than in the past, so you will be more rapid fertility.12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 2. Do not eat breakfast

No doubt do not eat breakfast is a simple way to reduce calories, but the result is that the whole day of hunger. This may lead to you unplanned snacking in the office, oversized copies of lunch, so that increase in body heat. However, high protein, high fiber breakfast will ease you the whole day of hunger. In fact, the study found that eating breakfast every morning, people will maintain a healthy weight.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 3. Beyond the control of food

You may be careful to control the heat three meals a day, but it does during the snack? The cookies on the table, office gathering up a small piece of cake, ice cream egg rolls taste son. All of these will be carefully planned diet you destroyed. If you really want to reduce the heat, try to write down in a notebook every bite you a food.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 4. The accumulation of low-fat food

Indeed lose weight at low-fat products play an important role. However, if you are stacking the plates with low-fat cake, then you may be more than expected intake of calories. You know how much intake of fat, sugar and calories are the best way to check the nutrition label.
12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 5. Refuse all snacks

Not consider the snacks may be the waist will make you become strong, but after careful consideration of the snack may be just the opposite effect. Those who eat several snacks a day were more likely to control hunger, lose weight to achieve purpose. Snacks will be speeding up metabolism, in particular, are high-protein snacks. Nuts are a good selection, the experts found that those who will be nuts when people snack more slender.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 6. To ignore too many calories

We always ignore the calories in beverages. This is a big mistake, there is some coffee and alcoholic beverages have more than 500 calories. Fruit juice and soda water is also very high heat, and liquid calories do not have a sense of satiety.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 7. Drink too little

This is one of the most foolish mistake of eating. For burning calories, water is essential. If you are dehydrated, the metabolism will slow down, lose weight the speed will slow down. The study found that drinking 8 glasses every day or even more water will burn more calories. So try to drink a glass of water before each meal.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 8. Completely abandoned dairy

Milk, cheese and ice cream are a lot of dieters taboos, but not completely abandoned dairy products is the best option. The study found that when the body has enough calcium content, the body will burn more fat; the other hand, calcium deficiency when fat will increase. However, calcium supplements did not participate in such benefits. Nutritionists recommend skim or low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 9. Are weighed every day

Weighed every day will make you have a sense of defeat, the experts recommended that the first week. In this way you see the weight drop in the number of dollars up there will be satisfaction.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 10. Go less fast food shops

No doubt this restaurant is very convenient, you can point a salad or other healthy foods, but once you go there, you got those who can resist the temptation of food吗? Once you select those fast food, this will become a habit. The study found that those who ate two fast food a week would eat once a week than any other person the growth of more than 10 pounds (9 kg more than) the weight.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 11. Give yourself unrealistic goals set

If you give yourself the first week set a week minus 20 pounds (18 kg) the goal will become a loser yourself. If you know that they should not do it, maybe you will never start your diet plan. A realistic target for a successful diet is very important. If you do not know yourself what should be a goal, to the nutritionist for help.

12 Mistakes lose weight. You have it? 12. To avoid exercise

If you do not exercise, you will lose weight all the burden fall on diet. If you become more active, you can eat a lot of things you want to eat, you can lose weight to achieve purpose. The key is to find the way you enjoy the exercise. If you find a bicycle Monotony, select swimming, ballet, or ping-pong, trying to try different sports until you find your favorite way of ending exercise.

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