Monday, March 16, 2009

5 kinds of sound scientific methods of contraception

The so-called principle of contraception, is to use scientific methods to prevent and destruction in the course of normal pregnancy in some aspect, in order to avoid pregnancy, to prevent births. Currently used by a lot of contraceptive methods, according to their principle of contraception can be summed up as the following methods:

1, inhibition of ovarian ovulation

Can inhibit the role of ovarian ovulation has female short-acting, long-acting contraceptives, as well as subcutaneous implantable contraceptive agent. Egg development and maturation of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland by the effects of such contraceptives can inhibit the hypothalamus and pituitary function to prevent egg development, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception. In addition, women in the lactation period also has a role in inhibiting ovulation, so breast-feeding can also contraception.

2, inhibited the normal development of sperm

From the cotton seed extract gossypol can inhibit the normal development of sperm, the sperm will enable long-term use of gossypol significantly reduce or completely disappeared, so as to achieve the purpose of reproduction should not. This has yet to promote the use of male contraceptives. In recent years some places the use of physical methods (such as ultrasound, microwave, hot and so stimulate the testicles) to inhibit the spermatogenic testicular function, but also made some progress.

3, to prevent sperm and egg

More of these contraceptive methods, which aims to prevent sperm and egg are combined in order to achieve the purpose of contraception. Such as condoms, diaphragms, etc. so that sperm can not enter the vagina, or into the vagina sperm can not enter the uterine cavity; external use of contraceptives has strong spermicidal effect, put them in the vagina has to be able to kill the sperm into the vagina, so that sperm can not enter the uterine cavity; male and female sterilization to prevent or stop the sperm from the sperm and egg, is a permanent contraceptive measures; during sexual intercourse or the use of in vitro sperm Pai perineal urethral compression method, so that semen in the vagina outside or retrograde into their bladder so that semen does not enter the vagina.

4 to prevent the fertilized egg implantation

The uterus are the place's child, if the uterus trying to interfere with the internal environment, not conducive to the growth and development of fertilized eggs. Placed in the womb as well as various relatives IUD contraceptives may make changes in the endometrium to prevent implantation and development of fertilized eggs.

5, stagger the Ovulation period contraceptive

Stagger the Ovulation period is safe period contraception contraception, namely the use of menstrual cycle, the projection method, basal body temperature measurement method and the cervical mucus observation method, such as, master of the ovulation period for women to avoid sexual intercourse for contraceptive ovulation period, so that sperm and egg meet to miss the opportunity to .

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