Thursday, March 5, 2009

Studies have shown the human gene with alcohol dependence have relations

Studies have shown the human gene with alcohol dependence have relations
The United States Department of Medicine University of Virginia researchers found that serotonin transport protein SLC6A4 gene at the impact of alcohol dependent persons drinking intensity plays a key role, this is the first time, scientists found that the intensity of alcohol dependence associated with the gene, researchers hope that in the the future through gene targeting therapy can alleviate the alcoholics of the degree of dependence on alcohol, related papers published in the near future "Alcoholism-Clinical and Experimental Research" journal.

The researchers analyzed 275 of those alcohol-dependent serotonin transport protein gene of six different DNA sequence variation of the link between the results found that the gene variation of 3 client appears closely related to the same alcohol strength.

Previous studies have shown that affect the nervous system chemical serotonin may lead to alcohol abuse, this study also proved that the brain serotonin system in alcohol preference and consumption play an important role.

The study found that acute alcohol consumption increased the release of serotonin in the brain regions controlling the release of alcohol consumption in the signal, but chronic alcohol consumption reduced the activation of the function of serotonin, resulting in less than a state of serotonin appear alcoholics may drink serotonin alcohol to alleviate the shortage of state.

The article points out that the future of gene therapy for the main purpose is to reduce the intensity of alcohol consumption, scientists want to make sure that such a specific genetic mutation is to be used as a genetic marker for the prediction of different serotonergic agents of treatment outcome.

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