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Scientists study found that Multi-vitamin should not anti-cancer compound

Scientists study found that Multi-vitamin should not anti-cancer compoundAmerican scientists found that women taking long-term multi-vitamin tablets and should not lower the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease risk.

This research report was published in the "within the scientific literature" magazine.

Chronic illness, not prevention

Located in Seattle, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists began tracking survey in 2002 over 162,000 menopausal women, these people have 42% of daily multi-vitamin tablets.

Scientists have discovered that 8-year period there were 9619 people suffering from cancer, including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer, etc.; 8751 people suffering from heart disease and stroke and other cardiovascular diseases; Another 9865 people were killed. However, morbidity and mortality and whether they are unrelated to taking multi-vitamin tablets.

The auspices of the research scientists Marian Neuhauser said: "In essence, (vitamin tablets) has no effect. We are a large number of different groups of people found in a sample survey, (vitamin tablets) will never harm the human body, but it will not reduce the risk of suffering from chronic diseases. "

Reuters said that so far, for vitamin tablets and the relationship between human health research, this study the largest number of participants up to。

Balanced diet

The researchers said that the multi-vitamin tablets are the American supermarket and drug stores selling Products. Americans spend 20 billion U.S. dollars annually to purchase dietary supplements products, of which one third are multi-vitamin tablets. Many people hope that supplementary vitamins and minerals to prevent chronic diseases, prevention and treatment of influenza.

Neuhauser suggested that people only eat enough fruits and vegetables, with a reasonable diet, can be nutritionally balanced.

"People think that the intake of vitamin tablets can the human body all the necessary essential nutrients," Neuhauser said, "This is wrong. Only the most wholesome natural food."

"Integrity Health Products Association" (Council for Responsible Nutrition) of Andrew Shaozeng said that although the multi-vitamin tablets should not effective in preventing disease, but beneficial to good health, because some people can not diet adequate intake of vitamins essential to human.

Shao said: "The multi-vitamin tablets, like other dietary supplements as foods, but the whole part of a healthy lifestyle. It is not a magic bullet, can not guarantee the prevention of cancer and other diseases."

The latest evidence

Earlier studies have found that taking multi-vitamin tablets should not the prevention of chronic diseases. The study has become the latest evidence of this discovery.

Harvard University, Brigham and Women's Hospital subsidiary of experts in November 2008 study found that taking vitamin C or vitamin E tablets and should not reduce the risk of cancer and risk of cardiovascular disease.

The United States National Cancer Institute has been selected to study 35,000 men were observed taking selenium and vitamin E of the drug can prevent prostate cancer.

But only men taking vitamin E in prostate cancer incidence increases in men taking selenium increased diabetes incidence, the National Cancer Institute in October 2008 has been suspended in this study.

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