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Research shows that eating red food can also lose weight

Research shows that eating red food can also lose weightFrench scientists, a new study shows that the color selection of the food diet can help lose weight. See red, orange, bright yellow these warm food, we should immediately "brake" a little bit less. See the white, green, black foods, eat more of the selection can have some, green, white, black foods generally are low-calorie foods, foods to help lose weight. They are not only low-calorie and dietary fiber-rich.

Green mainly refers to a variety of green vegetables, such as tender bamboo shoots, spinach, avocado, cabbage, as well as olive oil, food color neutral, itself does not contain high-fat, and rich in nutrients. And lose weight at a lot of people affected during the easy mood, eat green food is conducive to the stability of mood and alleviate tension. And a variety of green food rich in nutrients and balanced, in particular, are rich in vitamin content.

White foods have a certain degree of inhibition of appetite. White foods, such as radish, tofu, milk, rice, noodles and yogurt, diet lose weight during the add some of these foods, helps to regulate visual and emotional stability, for high blood pressure, heart disease who lose weight more benefits.

Black foods such as black sesame, walnut, black fungus, Ganoderma lucidum, kelp, blackfish, black-bone chicken contained harmful ingredients such as nutrients and rarely complete, you can bring the crowd to lose weight with adequate nutrition, physical weakness will not bring burden, especially for those with atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases will be able to lose weight eat many.

Red, orange food is the best way to stimulate the appetite, a few people to unknowingly eat more, so easily hidden seeds for obesity. Therefore, these colors of food lose weight during the breakfast as a suitable color, give an exciting start of a day. However, lunch and dinner will be eating some type of food, and Take the draft for the fish to see red color on the very loss of appetite, and although the fish will not fertility, but will eat chili appetizer, good appetite, and other food will eat more, fat accumulated in unconsciously.

In addition, in accordance with the color of meat can be divided into three categories: red meat, white meat and meat colorless. People lose weight during the best white and colorless and meat selection. Colorless meat mainly refers to aquatic shellfish meat, such as meat clams, oysters and crab meat and so on, its saturated fat content than any other type of meat should be low, only half of cheese and eggs, thus avoiding human cholesterol improve. And white meat (chicken, duck, rabbit meat and fish, etc.) and colorless meat in saturated fat and cholesterol content was significantly lower than red meat (pork, beef, mutton).


These five categories of food the human body every day in accordance with the required amount of color from deep to shallow and incremental, that is, the body of a white food required daily amount of food than yellow, than red food than green food, more than black food . Lose weight during the day, attention should be paid to this law will be a variety of colors with food, so a balanced diet nutrition, lose weight more conducive to health.

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