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Men will also live longer so that the ten interesting proposal

Men will also live longer so that the ten interesting proposalMen should be able to live better, longer. Of course a healthy diet and exercise, can Man lived longer, but there are a number of recommendations will be followed than the "eat more fiber, many sweating" interesting point. So, to take a look at this health bolg.

Look at the bright side

Mayo Clinic research has shown that positive people lived longer. From participation in the study subjects and found that happy people than unhappy people less 19% of mortality, and pessimistic people do not feel that they will be lived longer. Tour the University of Pennsylvania Professor Seligman found that more than two decades, feelings of depression, feeling hopeless and helpless immune system will cause a recession. And optimism not only let you live longer, but also old age you become more independent, more comfortable.


British people have done for a hundred studies have found that 46% of people know how to deal with pressure. There are several ways to deal with pressure, such as exercise, meditation, or do you enjoy doing. Even if nothing to do, is also a kind of relaxation. Men often highly competitive, and irritability, sometimes selfish point, nothing to do, is also a non-selfish.

Tick teeth using dental floss

Not only reduce the chance of tooth decay, dental floss can also be used to protect your heart. American Academy of Periodontology pointed out that people suffering from periodontal disease than people not suffering from a double access to many aspects of coronary artery disease.

More sex

Yes, one published in the "British Medical Journal," the study pointed out that the sex less than once a month the men are at least twice a week, twice as many people the sex mortality. A Duke University study also found that male sexual behavior would reduce the mortality rate, which everyone is a good news, but this must be determined, it is safe sex.

Donate Blood

When you help others, they help themselves. Massachusetts Medical School and worthy of it done by Sri Lanka Medical Center study found that men regularly donate blood, can reduce the risk of heart disease. Researchers think, donate blood can reduce the in vivo accumulation of iron, because iron easily oxidized into free radicals, reducing the accumulation of iron can reduce cardiovascular disease and other aging-related diseases chances.

Going out

The Doctor of Public Health, Harvard Medical School found that more of the social life of the people, will extend life expectancy, will increase the quality of life. A town of Roseto, Pennsylvania in the United States long-term study found that the little town of town died of a heart attack is very low, why are people in this town are Italian immigrants, they have a strong community-based organizations and the support of the village a sense of .

Towards that end of the red carpet

A 22-year study found that, whether it is 50,60 or 70-year-old man, a married person who lived longer than the unmarried. A 8500 does not suffer from duodenal ulcer to investigate the people who were not suffering from duodenal ulcer. But 5 years later, one at the beginning of the questionnaire filled out his wife for their love and support of the people is very low, the chances of suffering from duodenal ulcer, other people are twice as much. Most of the couples at the same time showed regression hormonal status, this time more necessary care and mutual support.

Play crossword puzzles

Brain exercise necessary, just like the body. The United States Duke University study found that longevity and level of education, as well as after the acceptance of intellectual activity has a direct connection. Of course, crossword puzzles, for example only, with a focus on the new study point things, such as a new language, or any dish never tried anything new.

Do not use the brain impulses

Men between the ages of 15-24 at, G solid ketone surging, will usually do the high-risk and violent behavior. High-G solid ketones people enjoy adventure, easy and others fighting, has the power to see people asking for trouble, the more easily filled with indignation. So civilized Man, when you have to G solid ketone poisoning, or consider using it with the brain.

To see a doctor

As we all know, you think you are not ill, but illness prevention is better than good. And health units are to encourage people to early detection and early treatment. American Medical Association recommends that men, in prostate cancer, tobacco and alcohol, sexual obstacles, accidents, nutrition, physical activity can pay more attention on.

Health fellow: Men want to live longer do not need magic syrup, or genetically modified, as long as into action, the life in your hands.

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