Friday, July 31, 2009

The research said that the divorce causes the human to contract chronic illness probability markup


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BBC reported that a research discovery, divorces to the health has the motioning a person to not go adverse effect, even if the second marriage cannot repair the health which completely suffers injury.

A Chicago development facility through from to 8652 ages 51 years old to 61 year-old person's research discovered, divorce person compared to these marriage person old disease (for instance cancer) probability high above 20%. This digit only dropped the 12%-- researchers in second marriage's person writes in the health and in the social behaviour magazine.

The researchers thought that we have one in the grown-up time “the health stock”, our marital experience decided this “health stock” maintains or weakens. This research indicates only then these marriage stable talented person to be possible to achieve with the unmarried person anticipated rate is the same in the chronic healthy question.

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Second marriage's person has the chronic state of health the probability the human who is stabler than the marriage to be higher than 12%. Human who the divorce person, loses one's spouse does not have the second marriage are slightly less than, this part of people result in chronic illness's probability are 20%.

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University of Chicago sociologist concurrently Researcher Dr Linda Waite said that the divorce or will lose one's spouse will impair the health will be because of the income drop and pressure build-up, for instance needs to undertake child's child support payment.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

When your bald person

lose hair

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According to Britain " Daily Telegraph " the website on June 24 reported that the German scientists developed one kind of computer program recently, when can it calculate a person to be able accurately to send as well as the bald person bare.

This research well-known protects by Germany sends the product producer to carry on. According to this company researches and develops the department people in charge to introduce, they develop this kind of computer program main collection by surveyor's age, the marital status, the occupation, the inhabited area, the pressure condition, is sent the border line present position as well as the family loses hair data and so on history. And when can survey a person's hair from this will change bare, or whether arrived old was still sends thickly.

At present has 50% German male to receive the puzzle which the heredity loses hair, is in seeks a mate the time and the social life peak young people pays attention loses hair the question. They pay attention to their appearance, cared whether to be admitted by the periphery public relations circle. “the baldheaded calculator” comes out within for ten days, had more than 50 ten thousand German men to participate in the test, the global conner has surpassed 3,000,000. In them 60% people are the age in 15-30 between young people.

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The bald person mainly comes under the hereditary factors influence, has the paternal line or matriarchal loses hair the family history the masculine baldheaded probability to be highest. But, for a long time the high mood pressure, the ill health diet as well as will wear goods and so on earphone, safety helmet, motorcycle hard helmet also to cause to lose hair.

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The researchers also declared that the caffeine may promote the hair to grow, prevents to lose hair.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The investigation showed that walks with the mobile phone, easy to cause the shoulder neck to be injured

mobile phone

DTV Antenna Experts

Recently, the British Spinal column Corrective therapy Association experts said that when walking uses the mobile phone, PSP and MP4, easy to damage the spinal column, the shoulder neck, the palm and the vision. The investigation showed that Britain altogether has 8,000,000 people to be familiar with is walking on the way or the browsing homepage and the electricity classical philosophical works, either hits the game, either transmitter data.

Regarding this. The expert pointed out that when walking with the mobile phone, will often make an effort to lower the head looks at the screen, for user's neck, the shoulder neck and the spinal column will create the huge pressure, is reduced the pate blood stream quantity, the blood stream will be impeded, will thus initiate the shoulder and the spinal column is stiff, ache, will have the inflammation.

In addition, uses the mobile phone, the computer on the automobile and so on, is disadvantageous to the eye. Looks at the screen under not the steady condition, the change causes the eye to do is astringent and is weary, thus influence vision. What needs to remind, these digital product's pressed key is quite small, when taking a walk presses the ratio to sit takes the trouble. Often when walking sends the short note or hits game's person, the palm and the knuckle is easier to wear, even becomes stiff inflamed, but the utilization ratio highest thumb possibly because of the tendon ischemia initiation inflammation. , walks because possible not to have heard the automobile loudspeaker with the mobile phone or not to be able to see clearly the stair, causes the accident to occur.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The diminutive person has a better hearing

The diminutive person has a better hearing

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In May 21 Acoustical Society of America in the conference announces a research indicated that diminutive, the thin person as if scaled height of burst big person has a more sensitive hearing.

If you once stood in the school drill ground, you will possibly fantasize that you will have the ultra ability: For example the unequalled speed or vanishes completely ability. Now the US College of Wooster tells you, you possibly has ability which item of you have not understood: Mystical can hear ability which the danger approaches.

The early research proved that the female compares big in them, the muscle solid companion has well hears the noise ability. Similarly, the scientist thought that perhaps the emaciated person has a better hearing compared to the solid big person. Then, they let 50 volunteers listen to one probably are gradually the sound which approaches to them. When the conner hears this sound approaches their time, presses down button on hand. The scientist then appraises according to button's strength and cardiovascular's healthy degree. They discovered that only then 98 pound emaciated person was more solid than the strong person the muscle to press down the button quickly. Because they felt these scream, the threat sound is more practical than them wants near somewhat.

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The scientist said that the sense of hearing so forth should be a residual reflection excessive mechanism. Therefore these emaciated, the docile animal can avoid attacking, thus multiplies on the Earth lives.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

The man lets woman heartwearing five instantance

The man lets woman heartwearing


The man lets woman heartwearing instantaneous 1: Respect

You have not arrived at the intimate situation. When together traveling, she steals on the seat cries, you draw in the window to switch off the small lamp quietly, lets her give vent heartily time does not will be extremely embarrassed. Her mood transfers suddenly clearly, recognized that you are the human who may trust. Love is no doubt important, but respects the woman the feeling and the dignity, is blindly more important than subjectively the love.

The man lets woman heartwearing instantaneous 2: Hug

Each time said good bye, you must closely hug her in the bosom, stares at her eye silently, probably will loosen the hand to touch the judgment day to be ordinary. Often this time, her total understanding like deer hits, hoped that like this hugged in ancient times. Does not have the desire hug is most heartweaing, borrows Archimedes's theory is: For me a hug, I may have your complete love.


The man lets woman heartwearing instantaneous 3: Dedicated

You linger in the books market. You settle down suddenly before the tool bookshelf, searches for a computer book meticulously, in the earnest eye is glittering the wisdom ray. Many women like looking in work man, man when work, on the body has a nail “the axis vigor”, directs the innumerable women daydream: If dedicated uses for this to love well I this!

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The man lets woman heartwearing instantaneous 4: Remembering

She likes eating “lovable many”, therefore in the refrigerator is never out of stock. One day, on the refrigerator has the notepad which suddenly opens you to write: “sorry dear, the chocolate flavor lovable has sold-out much, today you might as well try the strawberry taste.”Has not eaten the ice cream, her heart like has filled the honey. Careless you often cannot remember your birthday, actually remembered that her measurements size, remembered her menstrual cycle, remembers her to the mango allergy. The reason that the man remembers clearly, is because you never forget to her.

The man lets woman heartwearing instantaneous 5: Peeping

You pull begin to stroll on the street. , you entrain suddenly her stop, put out a hand to open out gently an eyelid's under eyelash. Her feeling is happy. Dials the eyelash is the minor matter in a moment, actually fully explains you to her attention 100% centralisms. You like peeping carefully she, how can discover just dropped a tiny eyelash? A woman, has not been able so to resist the man “to steal the color”.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recent discovery 27 with autism related gene


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The Britain researchers confirmed recently 27 with autism related gene, the major part is the initial contact and the autism concerns.

The Britain Cambridge University's researchers in the magazine "Autism Research" said in new one issue that studies the data from 349 average people and 174 already the autism patient who diagnoses, confirmed 27 genes through the contrast. These genes divide into 3 kinds, the first kind with instruction social behaviour related; The second kind with nerve growth related, explained the cerebrum growth exceptionally possibly causes the autism; Last kind with sex hormone related, this may help to explain that is why related the symptom the masculine patient to be more than the female.

The researchers said that in 27 genes had 5 once to report and the autism related, another 22 genes and autism's relations were the initial contact. The new research results will provide the good foundation for the research autism, the researchers next step will have established the model which between these genes responded mutually, by further deep research autism.

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The autism send much in the baby, the symptom performance to lonely stray, the logopathy, the interest narrow and so on. But recently some research discover certain autism patient's learning capability and the intelligence and not affected, and this kind of phenomenon appears much on the boy body, perhaps concerns with the related gene.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The mother gestation period inspiration air pollution can affect the child intelligence quotient


An American new research demonstrated that mother being pregnant period inspiration air pollution with in the future child childhood time intelligence quotient test score height related, this further proved that the pollution serious air possibly harms the cerebrum growth.

According to the Associated Press reported that American Colombia child environmental sanitation center Director Fred · Pereira and the researchers have carried on the investigation to 249 children, these child's mother before the child is born lives in New York Manhattan's north and the Bronks north-west area, they occupy local the air to be polluted varying degree, is mainly the automobile exhaust pollution.

When 5 years old, these children have accepted the intelligence quotient test. The researchers discovered that in the gestational inspiration is polluted the most serious air the mother lives child's the score low 4 points which to 5 points compared to the inspiration pollution child's compares the mother who light air lives in intelligence quotient test score. Pereira said that this disparity will affect the child sufficiently in the future in the school performance.

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The researchers said that 56% receive investigates the child to grow the time in the embryo to be in the high pollution of the environment, the researchers is investigating them the mother, in gestation period whether to live in the crowded block or the bus stop and so on nearby the air pollution heavy places.

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Pereira said that the researchers have also considered influence intelligence quotient test score and so on living conditions passive smoking, family learning environment factors, but still discovered that the mother gestation period contact stain the situation and child's intelligence quotient height has the very big connection.

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This findings publish in 8 monthly publication US "Science" in the magazine. In research before this, Pereira thought that the gestational contact the air pollution may cause newborn's head to be small, the body weight to be light, or appears may increase the gene variation the risk.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Makes the movement and participates in the public relations to reduce the alzheimer's disease sickness risk

Alzheimer's disease sickness - Alles für Ihr Tier

German Alois the Alzheimer sickness research association discovered that makes the movement, to participate in the social activity to be able to help the senior citizen to reduce the trouble alzheimer's disease sickness risk.

According to Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported that every day makes 30 minutes movements, to participate in gymnastics, the yoga or the dance class at least knows the new friends to be helpful in the senior citizen reduces is sick the risk. This association stressed that exercises the cerebrum to be important, because this will have the new neuron connection, will thus cause the cerebrum to operate well. Therefore, the association suggested that the senior citizen usually may through play cards, the newspaper reading, to play the musical instrument, to recite the poetry, to participate in the study class etc exercise cerebrum.

In addition, is accustomed to with left hand's person to practice to use the right hand, is accustomed to practice with right hand's person to use the left hand also exercises a cerebrum's efficacious device.

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The alzheimer's disease sickness said that Alois Alzheimer sickness, is the most common senile dementia sickness, the clinical manifestation for the cognition, the memory and the language function presents barrier ect.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Five kind of musics can arouse the feminine sexual desire

musics can arouse the feminine sexual desire

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American sexology expert David believed that the unreal music can transfer person's mood compared to real before play. Everybody might as well carefully thinks that what music arouses own fervor. If is not clear, may refer following suggested:

Rhythm Bruce: Gentle moving

Rhythm Bruce (R&B) joins the dance rhythm in the blue accent music, its rhythm is changeable, most can move the human. Therefore, if your some affection wants to say does not dare saying that then may draw support from music to express.

Electronic music: Let the love “acceleration”

If wants to change the sexual affection the speed, may choose the electronic music. Its rhythm is simple, but can actually build the out of the ordinary sexual affection atmosphere.

Popular dance music: “teases” the fervor

Listens to some rhythm strong dance music, favors transfers the companion both sides enthusiasm. Regardless of being the rhythm tense disco dancing, the melody is rich in the change the popular dance music, is the good choice.

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National music: Let you be sexy

If likes attempting the new things, may choose when the sexual affection plays the Arab national music, because this kind of song often can let the person self-sensation be very sexy.

Samba dance music: Let the love be crazier

Bertha Nuowa who becomes by jazz and the Samba dance music mix, both has Brazilian's enthusiasm, and has the Buddhist ritual procedures gently romantic, can let all people feel the body and mind to be happy, lets your desire surge upward rapidly.

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When you feel to the sexual affection is weary, usually will make what?

According to the American male healthy website's newest report, this time might as well selects CD to fill a prescription, not only may stimulate the nerve and muscular system's activeness, will also enhance person's excitement, will arouse the desire extremely quickly, will make the foot preparation for the sexual affection. Music is especially formidable to the feminine sex appeal's reassignment strength, sometimes even may cause them, in does not realize in the situation presents the nature to arouse. The American male healthy network investigation showed that these rhythm strong music contained the sex hormone likely, can let the human be wilder.

US psychology expert Julia Hyman pointed out that when the mood is joyful, music the positive role which gets up to the sexual affection other when is stronger than, can arouse the human most basic hope; But in hasty sexual affection time, music function completely is possibly neglected.

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Music can arouse the feminine sexual desire

David also believed that after the sexual affection music therapy does not need the listening respectfully to appreciation, writes specialized comments happily, regardless of therefore music's level is high is low, is elegant or vulgar, so long as it can “grasp” is occupied by you, may bring makes “the prelude”. Certainly, the elephant “heavy metal” the such noisy type is obviously inappropriate. Moreover, adds to the fun with music for the sex life, the best choice style changeable “the hodgepodge” the type gathers edits.

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