Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About food allergy several small tips

In the daily life has the food allergy frequently, understood that the food allergy the general knowledge is helpful to the prevention food allergy occurrence.

If you known to some material allergy, but actually has following has never experienced the symptom, should go see a doctor as soon as possible, this has the possibility is the allergic complication indication:

* gasps for breath when presents the scat singing.

* chest cavity stuffy, causes the scant of breath, is accompanied by asthma frequently.

* uses in the pharmacy the anti-allergic medicine, in one week was still invalid.

* after contact anaphylactogen, erupts the nettle rash. This was possibly suggesting allergic shock's arrival, this is quite dangerous, possible fatal. The allergic shock is very serious allergic reaction, most often stings by the honeybee or the fire ant nips the initiation, but may also create by other anaphylactogens. After by insect bite, if emits the scar, possibly is the serious allergic reaction indication, should go see a doctor immediately.

Medicine small general knowledge

1st, common food allergy symptom

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Food allergy's symptom usually is produces slowly, but some people after having eaten some kind of food will have the response immediately. In the majority of cases, fasts these anaphylaxis food for 60-90 days later, these foods can again direct in the diet, but does not have any untoward effect.

2nd, the following each item is common in the food allergy symptom:
The acne, grows particularly in the chin or the mouth nearby whelk, arthritis, losing sleep, asthma, the small intestine problem, the colitis, the body weight is overweight, melancholia, Dou problem, weary, ulcer, headache. Except these symptoms, your doctor, in inspects you whether to have time the anaphylaxis, but should also look whether to have the following symptom, anemia and the face whiten, wets the bed, the nocturia, the cheeks present the red circle circle (to spread cheek rouge probably, this sickness also occurs on child), redundant catches cold (occurs in child), the conjunctivitis, the eye ache, bursts into tears, the eye water leakage, to itch, to change red, dizziness, and felt that swelling, to the optical fiber sensitive, serious mouth-watering, the diarrhea, the periodic line of sight is fuzzy, the stuffy nose or the class snot, the redundant ear infect, fluid medium detention in vivo, the tinnitus, hearing loss, the unusual body odor, to be excessively active, in vivo pH the value is not the peracid is the alkali, each kind of disease's recrudescence, has had each kind of phobophobia, the learning disability, the memory and the attention difference, the finger is tumescent, both hands feel cold, serious menstruation being out of balance, weight gain, the muscle rapidly not to be uncoordinated.

3rd, food allergy self-test
If you suspected that you to some kind of food allergy, one kind of simple test can help you. After eating you to think has question food, the stream that branches and merges again records your pulse, so can understand whether just when allergic reaction. Takes the table with a hand, sits down rests several minutes. After you relax yourself completely, the survey skill's pulse, counts looks in 60 seconds the pulse beat number of times. The normal pulse is each minute 52-70 times. Afterward, eats up you to suspect can cause allergic food, and so on 15-20 points later, then measures - under the pulse. If your pulse (each minute) increases above 10 times, must endure eats this kind of food one month, then makes the test again.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

The research thought that sits the public transportation to wear the ear plug to be possible to protect the hearing

The US Washington University and Columbia University's researchers discovered that the urban mass transit produces the noise level causes the hearing to suffer injury sufficiently, moreover this kind of damage is permanent. It is estimated that the world approximately has 30,000,000 person of hearing at present by the noise injury.

The scientists have surveyed New York mass transit system's noise level, discovered that in the transportation vehicle, the subway amounts to 80.4 decibels, the light rail also has 79.4 decibels; The station quarrelled, the subway platform amounts to 102.1 decibels, the bus platform amounts to 101.6 decibels. The overall situation is: Outside the vehicle is higher than in the vehicle, the major stop is higher than the minor stop, underground is higher than ground.

Columbia University's Dr. Gershon said: In the noisy platform, the dull 2 minutes then sufficiently create the waiting for a train passenger's hearing drop every day. Washington University's Nizer indicated: Exposes for a long time in the noise slightly weak environment can create the chronic harm, moreover noise level, so long as increases points, will suffer injury the risk obviously to increase, for example, 95 decibels risks will be 85 decibels 10 times, 75 decibels 100 times, “your sense of hearing acuity, so long as will drop 10 decibels, you will hear clearly others speech ability greatly to sell at a discount.”

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US Environmental Protection Department and the World Health Organization recommend: The daily 24 hour average noise level should below 70 decibels, not affect the hearing generally. Gershon said that except acoustic trauma, excessive noise also with hypertension, heart disease, endocrine disorder, sleep disorder related, even can affect child's learning capability. Therefore, the scientists suggested that strengthens individual protection. Not only listens to music the earphone not to be able to reduce the noise, instead also will increase, because the people will raise the MP3 volume have pressed the periphery noise. Each kind of noise suppression ear plug, the ear shield may fall effectively the noise level to the margin for safety, suggested goes out sits the public transportation time puts on.

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Not only kisses the mouth to be so simple to the mouth

Kisses, is not only absolutely the mouth is so simple to the mouth, but must be fastidious about the body coordination, the frequency speed, the creativity, to seek for sensitive belt and so on, lets kiss the technique masters 11 to teach you.

"anything has not made my heart movement compared to sweetheart's lip. Fills the sense organ pleasure the Buddhist ritual procedures hot lips, the light remembers causes the person whole body to receive an electric shock." The unusual lips are one kind of excellent balanced, two people are complicated, the skill which from the tongue curls and shrinks to the pressure control, in addition humidity assurance, but set of complete knowledge. How should train the expert who oneself become kisses? The following is the friendly lips, the good lips public figure's wise remark.

(1) full body language

Uses the body movement to provoke his hope first. Regardless of you adore him, leaves is delivering anxiously the lip piece. You should use the fingertip to realize that first opposite party body temperature, felt his mood, by the look transmission romantic news, then starts the movement which again kisses. "teases is most effective before plays, speaking of the kiss is also so." William Cane this "Lips Are an Art, All questions will be answered" the author so expressed. Do not forget to utilize your both eyes and both hands ingeniously: Under affection staring, has slid gently by the fingertip his facial cast, flushes air nearby his ear, mutters whispers you are secretly anticipated that the attractive kiss, Ji Ci shoulders his desire, good begins the prologue for the following step. If you wild Buddhist ritual procedures deep lips, eat by chance arouse his fantasy!

“whenever I saw the girlfriend feeds the good food crazily, can not help want to come a fervor with her the lips.”And so on 28 public relations entrepreneur Sam Kilmore so expressed from New York. Your sweetheart is only the relentless character and style dull goose? Will try to gnaw the chicken leg with gusto next time to him! The gloss roasts the chicken leg, appears under the wild worry so the delicacy, but eats you with gusto, do not forget to tease him by the judgment. Moistens one's lips with the tongue, silent tells him: You think his lips, the delicacy really in front food! Trust benzene's he also will listen again to reason.
(2) skill needs the synchronization

Wants simultaneously to experience the first kind of contact same happiness, the frequency is very important. Which form does he like the lips? Which warm body movement in anticipation needed? About the taboo which kisses has which? (for example some men care about woman's tone to be fragrant, are some men not pungent not happy, whether full mouth garlic taste instead can arouse his infinite pleasure) these details and you like coordinating? Demonstrated according to an unofficial investigation that the majority of men long for even in dreams bold and the intense Buddhist ritual procedures hot lips, the woman compare like like the accessory pinna gently, the romantic victory in the fervor lips. If opposite party displays were inferior how anticipated should manage? Suggested you personally set an example the way does not fall the trace to tell him, then transforms opposite party. Because the human have the imitation habit, gradually opposite party can feel his regard, makes conforms to the hope response.

(3) must have the excellent imagination

Skill excellent beside, a very important spot is must have the imagination. Who cares about your lips to be whether long-time, the angle how? What you need is with heart and soul investment. The display creativity, makes as far as possible the cherry small mouth the biggest utilization. Only do not lock bubble-headed the lips in the mouth to the mouth. The raindrop gentle lips may fall on the forehead, the chin, the double cheek, even both eyes and eyebrow. Wild -like the suction kisses except feels his delicacy of tongue, why not tastes the earlobe? If lips may either deeply or the depth extend shallowly, thinks of a way enables it also the crosswise development, must be able to excavate the different interest. Has a look at graph which of the lips provides from Los Angeles treatment expert Dr. Ava Cadell, poor hand's you can also according to the chart wing, display well again:

1st, has kissed gently first spouse's facial cast. From the brow starts, the downward exploration to the chin with the double cheek, falls finally the fixed point to the bilabial spot.

2nd, following, the lip and the lip play go on stage officially. Stretches out the tip of tongue to open opposite party lip piece gently, transfers, tastes in his mouth the smell. The majority of people this time can suck opposite party tongue impatiently, but suggested that you leave are too hasty and impatient. Imagines itself to jump Tango-- by the tip of tongue to have room for maneuver, plays the game which as if with opposite party tongue frequents each other, also seems a mischievous child Daithi enticement charm, hangs his appetite, deepens your mystical feeling!

3rd, finally boldly pushes directly into! Teases opposite party sense organ, lets the moist tongue each other rendezvous, joyfully to peak!
(4) selects the sexy belt

According to the statistics, the man most enjoys in order kisses the route is “from top to bottom” and “after going to”--Tries to look that by the different pressure, the different humidity's lips examines his fervor index, the alert to opposite party's response, discovers his sexy belt. “if his specific spot because of will kiss will appear the muscle-bound, do not give up, continuing to tease him--This is mostly his sexy belt.”Natural therapist Cohen Greene said. “I to lips of the navel felt specially enjoys.”

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The soybean may help you to resist many kinds of cancers

It is reported that because 70% to 90% cancers is the diet, the habits and customs as well as the environment suggestion or presses to live, the denutrition accounts for approximately 35% to 60%. The plant protein may reduce the risk which develops cancer, like soybean contour textile fiber food includes may resist cancer's oxidation inhibitor and the vegetative estrogen, makes food substitution meats by the soybean, may provide the textile fiber the absorbing capacity, but the high textile fiber may resist cancers and so on colon cancer, breast cancer. Human and the animal research organization also pointed out that the soybean isoflavone may slow down the prostate gland cancer cell the growth, lets the prostate gland cancer sickness ignite the new hope.

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Japan's research also discovered that if the average person (for example bean curd) joins soybean food to the daily diet, then they will suffer from Rectal Cancer's ratio compared to simply the inedible soybean food person low 80%. University of Toronto Medical school nutrition department's Professor Song completes the experiment discovered that in the soybean contains the soap glucoside with suppresses the large intestine tumour cell to have the dosage dependence relevance, i.e. in the diet includes soybean's quantity to be higher, suffers from colon cancer's risk to be lower. Joins soybean food in the daily diet, but may also suffer from the stomach cancer rate reduces 40%. Every day the edible bean curd or other soybean food's female, suffers from the lung cancer the probability then not often to eat the soybean feminine half. The recently research also discovered that in soybean's isoflavone has the inhibiting ability regarding carcinoma of urinary bladder's cell line, but may also suppress liver cancer, cancer of the pancreas's occurrence.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Perhaps breast feeding may help the child to make the progress

The US researchers after the investigation discovery, breast feeding is possibly helpful to the child from now on school study make the progress.

According to the United States border sacrifices to the god of the land previous report said that the researchers have contrasted in 59 family 126 pair of brothers or the sisters, in them some people accept breast feeding from the baby, but some people have not obtained so “the treatment”. The result discovered that accepts a breast feeding time longer child to be higher than the contemporaries generally in the middle school study result, moreover they enter the probability which the university pursues advanced studies relatively to be also high.

Participates in this research American University Professor Joseph · Sabiya and Colorado professor the Daniel · Race believed that breast feeding is very possible to the child academic record and to its university proportion's influence with this kind to feed the way to be possible to sharpen child's cognitive capacity and the health standard concerns.


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Friday, June 26, 2009

The research discovered that treats the mirror to jog, the effect is good

A British research demonstrated that regarding just joined in jogs this movement person, treats the mirror to jog machine on jogs, is helpful in forms correctly jogs the posture, but jogging expert, if wants to improve the result, actually possibly needs before to jogging machine displays an own full-size picture.

According to Britain "the Daily Telegraph date" the report, British Peduncle Side University movement psychology project's person in charge Daniel · Eves initiated this research. The researchers let 10 health, the average age are 22 year-old masculine volunteer every other one day in jog machine on carry on one time 3 group, each group of 20 minutes to jog the practice. Before they jogged machine have laid aside the ordinary whole body mirror and the honorable person size static picture separately. After removing the numerous individual difference factor, they draw the conclusion, thought that treats the mirror to jog may enhance the four limbs coordination, helps the novice to form correctly jogs the posture, meanwhile may avoid the movement excessive. But along with the runner level's enhancement, this procedure's effectiveness also gradually decreases progressively. But speaking of the expert, the static picture instead is helpful in them improves the result.

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Eves said that because watches the static picture, will increase to the difficult cognition, but like this instead can stimulate the experienced runner's willpower, the result their performance can be more splendid. This research results publication in US "Sports medicine And Science" in quarterly publication.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The vegetarian diet youth is possibly easier to overeat and overdrink

According to Reuter New York reported that the researchers discovered that was considered food habit health the vegetarianism young people, they appear overeat and overdrink unexpectedly are higher with other unusual action probability.

The researchers are tried to the Minnesota 31 school's 2516 15-23 years old young people's diet, the body weight and take drugs and the excessive drinking custom have done the investigation, finally confirmed that the vegetarian diet person presents the overload and the obese probability is small, “, but, the vegetarian diet person overeats and overdrinks the risk possibly is also high, once was the vegetarian diet person's person uses the ill health method control body weight risk also possibly not to be extremely high.”In the object of study, once or the present vegetarian diet person adopted the ill health method control weight probability approximately was not 20-25%, these methods including ate lose weight the medicine, to dig out the throat, to take the laxative and the diuretic, as well as overate and overdrank.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scotland becomes the Type A H1N1 flu's victimized persons, because doubts Vitamin D to lack

According to Britain “The Times” the report, the total population approximately 5,100,000, the land area only occupies British island area 1/3 Scotland, fully suffered pain of this Type A H1N1 epidemic disease, it may be said that head of the entire European. At present has 530 example already diagnosis case, 441 example suspicious cases, and some 300 clinical diagnosis suspected case, the total number of people have surpassed 1200 people. Comparatively, many European great nations actually nearly hao send have not injuried. The English total population is Scotland's 10 times, reported that the case actually only has 1062 people; Austrian 7 examples, Portuguese 3 examples, French 80 examples, German 170 examples, Spanish 488 examples. Irish 12 examples.

Regarding this astonishing result, a Scotland epidemiology expert said that each time epidemic disease's global eruption, except disease's factor, is the social gap between rich and poor performance. The income low social class because of the bad environment, not the good food habit, purchases the nutriment is incapable the health “the charge”, as well as suffers feeling inferior which for a long time the social oppression brings and despairs and so on a series of factors, thus change infection virus. But this Type A H1N1 flu domestic wreaks havoc in Scotland, a simpler answer is vivid, that is the blue bonnet is at the Vitamin D deficient Asia healthy condition for a long time.

Little while ago The Times did the science survey result, indicated that Vitamin D and individual state of health have the astonishing relation. If cancer, as well as immune systems and so on diabetes with Vitamin D insufficiency close related. Especially in Scotland such long-term haze, the annual mean sunshine time few countries, extrapolated according to the scientist, the Vitamin D ingestion quantity is insufficient the blue bonnet is England's two times. It is well known, usually the winter is flu big eruption season, because the people in vivo's Vitamin content usually is quite at this time low. At present regarding this epidemic disease in the Scotland large-scale eruption reason, was still has wide divided opinions. Some person of indictment are Scotland's medical service supervisory system are too loose, has not played the monitoring role. Also some people complained that the Scotland government's medical disbursement was lower than the entire British level by far. Is precisely because “healthy deficit” the reason, only then causes the blue bonnet in front of disease even more “frail”.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Five big lower the cholesterol food

Can lower the cholesterol effectively five big foods, formerly some massive experiments confirmed that controls in food the cholesterol content, may play falls the blood fats the role. But the recent issue "American Clinical Nutriology Periodical" on publishes an article pointed out that uses the low cholesterol diet 1 year, most may cause the cholesterol to reduce 29%.

Canada University of Toronto's researchers choose the high blood fats the middle age artificial experimental subject, lets them under the instruction use the low cholesterol diet 3 months in doctor, including richly including the phytosterin (for instance soybean, soybean, seed and so on) with mounts the thick textile fiber (for example oats, barley, eggplant and so on) food as well as nut fruits food. One year later traces the discovery, fulfiled exactly the low cholesterol diet principle person cholesterol to fall 29%. Even if does not have the human who complies with completely, the cholesterol has also fallen 10%-20%. Therefore, the American plum approximately the medicine center recommended specially for the general high blood fats patient 5 lowered the cholesterol greatly food:

Oats. The suggestion is every day most delicious 1-and-a-half cups of oats. American food and the drugs administrative bureau (FDA) authorization, on the oatmeal packing may indicate “the edible oatmeal is improves the blood fats one diet way, may reduce coronary disease's danger.”In the oats contains richly the water-soluble textile fiber may “the impediment” the intestinal tract absorb excessively many cholesterol, changes in the blood the fat acid concentration, lowers “the bad cholesterol” and the triglyceride. Every day absorbs the water-soluble textile fiber 5-10 grams, may cause “bad” the cholesterol absorption rate to reduce 5%. Other contain water soluble textile fiber food also to have richly: Jack bean, apple, peach, melon class, mushroom class, kelp, black and white auricularia auricula, porphyra capensi and so on.

Nut. Nuts and so on almond, peanut, walnut, cashew, chestnut include the multi-unsaturated fatty acid, may lower the cholesterol, but can also maintain the artery blood vessel's health and the elasticity. Publishes pointed out at this year world heart disease academic society annual meeting's memoir, after 10 European countries have collected nearly 400,000 person of material analyses discovered that the nut eats more people, contracts coronary disease's risk to be lower. Every day eats 13 gram nut's people, results in coronary disease's risk compared to not to be able to eat 1 gram person few 40%. But the nut only shortcoming is the quantity of heat is too high. The expert suggested that might as well every week eats two times, each time eats 8 grams, probably grasps in a control pine quantity, then obtains the rich unsaturated fatty acid and the oxidation inhibitor.

Soybean. The soybean saturated fat quantity is low, does not contain the cholesterol, with the soy protein substitution animal protein, may reduce in the blood the total cholesterol, “bad” the cholesterol, the triglyceride, and does not affect “well” the cholesterol content. In addition, the soybean contains the soybean isoflavone and the cellulose can also lower the cholesterol. Every day absorbs 20-50 gram soya proteins, approximately may reduce 4%-8% “bad cholesterol” and triglyceride. Except the soybean, the soya protein product also has the bean curd, the soybean milk and so on. What must pay attention, the processing process will affect in the soybean the isoflavone, the cellulose content.

Deep sea fish. In which Ou Mi the gal - 3 fatty acids may through the influence blood fats, reduce the triglyceride density, slow down the blood agglutination speed, the display to protect cardiovascular's function, reduces coronary disease's morbidity. The deep sea fish has the chum salmon, the tuna, the wahoo, the saury pike, the conger pike and so on, every week is best eats two times at least.

Orange juice. In which phytosterin is one kind with the cholesterol structure similar chemical substance, may compete the absorption channel with the cholesterol in the intestinal tract, then reduces the human body to the cholesterol absorption. Recently some research pointed out that every day absorbs the phytosterin 2-3 grams, may reduce 6%-15% “bad” cholesterol, but does not affect “well” the cholesterol. Except the orange juice, also had in the nut, the seed, the yellow soybean oil, the peanut oil, some plant cream including the phytosterin also to increase the phytosterin.

Abstains the fat, to use the oil. The plum approximately the medicine center suggested that has except the choice falls the cholesterol effect food, but must reduce the ingestion cholesterol and the saturated fatty acid. For example the animal internal organs, 100 gram pig brain's cholesterol content reaches as high as 2000 milligrams, will suggest the daily more than 300 milligrams compared to the American Heart Academic society nearly 7 times, the high blood fats patient was best little eats. Animalistic fat like lard, butter, but also has the minority vegetable oil like coconut oil, the cream and so on, contains nearly is the saturated fatty acid, eats easy to create the arteriosclerosis, suggested that by the multi-unsaturated fatty acid, the single unsaturated fatty acid replaces. Including massive multi-unsaturated fatty acid food, if the olive oil, may cause the cardiovascular disease risk factor to reduce 25%; By peanut oil diet primarily, may also cause to contract the cardiovascular disease's risk to drop 16%-20%. Other mainly has the salad oil, the corn oil, the sunflower oil richly including the unsaturated fatty acid oil and so on.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Before the fruits and vegetables admit the refrigerator, not to wash

Likes the clean person, usually will buy the vegetable will wash, will cut puts in the refrigerator, will think the health to maintain freshness, when need will take can use, but “will be fastidious” the procedure has actually violated the storage food big death anniversary.

The moist environment is the bacterium multiplies “the hotbed”. After the clean, puts in the refrigerator, easy to make in refrigerator's humidity to increase, for germs multiply creation advantage. In addition, the fruits and vegetables surface will have generally a waxiness to be possible to protect it not microorganism's violation, but will clean can destroy this waxiness, is been easier the bacterium to enter in the fruits and vegetables, will cause the deterioration, therefore, after the expert will suggest the fruits and vegetables to buy back, should better not wash. If thought that vegetable root really too dirty, may trim off the belt earth the root to install the box storage again slightly. If must certainly wash, after and so on moisture contents draining completely does, seal again put in the refrigerator, has washed fruit, in takes out after the refrigerator, must clean once more, because in the memory process, its surface will possibly produce the nitrite, but will clean may remove it exactly. When seal, may consider that maintains freshness the box or maintains freshness the bag, may also try the kraft paper, because of its hygroscopicity, may come out the fruits and vegetables evaporation the moisture content absorbs and returns for them.

Fruits and vegetables retention time because of different type, but different, for instance, green fruit's and so on leafy vegetables and strawberry storage lives are shortest, 1-2 days to the end; The mung bean sprouts, the grape and so on may put the time slightly to be long a spot. Summer the watermelon could one time finish eating as far as possible do not remain, if were left over, might in its margin duplicate clear plastic wrap, be supposed better in within to finish eating quite a while. Before taking out once more edible, slices off the first margin surface layer, by against bacterial infection.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the morning gets up eats the fruit, the nutrition is best

The fruit is different with the vegetables, its edible way difference, is also the important attribute. The fruit flavor good feeling in the mouth is good, suits the raw food, since may the raw food, not need the cooking, the edible time is more optional, momentarily thought that may eat. However looking from the nutrition angle, the edible fruit also somewhat is really when fastidious.

Is opposite in the meat, the birds and beasts, the fish, the egg and the grain, the fruit vegetables has its characteristic in the nutrition, includes the rich Vitamin and the meals textile fiber. The Vitamin is a kind of small molecular organic matter, although human body's required quantity are quite few, but actually has various important physiological function, the question is takes the organic matter, the nature not greatly stably, in processes in the cooking process, easy to denaturate the destruction. Vitamin C, especially is specially sensitive to the temperature, the heating fever boils when loses is very big.

The fruit raw food, basic did not pass through the processing, the Vitamin extremely little loses, has made up the vegetables insufficiency. Therefore should better the fruit also as the meals structure constituent, each meal arrange a fruit, in order to the supplement Vitamin is Vitamin C specially, this to improves each meal overall nutritional quality to be of great help. Many families are familiar with one day to eat one time the fruit, that obviously when breakfast edible is more ideal, because the breakfast is simpler, very little has the cooked food to be eaten with rice or bread, needs the fruit to provide the Vitamin. Moreover, after passes the night sleeps soundly, the gastro-intestinal tract was already clear spatially, in fruit's meals textile fiber can play “the street sweeper” the role, eliminates on the intestines wall's deleterious substance, eliminates the intestinal tract trouble tumor the risk. The meals textile fiber also has the adjustment improvement blood sugar blood fats, to enhance the human body immunity the function. The maintenance health, starts from the morning.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will aggravate what sickness in summer?

Most people believed that in the summer the people are healthier. For instance, the ultraviolet ray is helpful to smooth the skin immune cell, thus eczema will improve obviously in the summer. But studies indicated that many diseases instead become in the summer more serious. Britain Daily Mail publishes the article, “the summer day was unusual to the health affects” the question to launch the multianalysis.

Arthritis is more serious

Summer arthritis patient wants the extra protection good joint, because the majority common arthritis medicines can aggravate the skin to the sunlight sensitivity. For instance, some non-steroid anti-inflammation medicine, even IBUPROFEN and so on common medicine will also cause the light allergy. Therefore, some arthritis patient exposes to the sun the sun slightly, will cause the skin rash as well as the skin sun-scald. Therefore, after arthritis patient takes the medicine, goes out must smudge against exposes to the sun the index high sun block lotion.

Diabetes are more serious

Speaking of the diabetic who accepts the insulin injection, summer means a bigger danger. When the temperature is higher, the insulin enters the blood speed to be quicker. Therefore, summer must pay attention to the blood sugar change, guards against mishap. British Diabetes Association nursing adviser Kaluolin suggested: Goes out in the summer diabetic must smudge the sun block lotion, avoids the long time sunning; Should before getting out of bed, sleeps and the food latter 2 hour survey blood sugar.

Pneumonia is more serious

Winter pneumonia sends much, but the summer pneumonia is more serious. British Lung Foundation's Stephen Professor indicated that this is because summer, once the potable water is insufficient, will cause the bronchial tube secretion to stiffen, will not be easy to cough, both will cause the breath to be more difficult, and easy to agglomerate the lung, will cause the infection. above 65 years old person as well as the nephrosis and heart disease patient is the high-risk group. He suggested: In order to protect the lung, should drink 2 liters water at least every day in the summer.

The kidney stone increases

Summer is called by doctors “the kidney stone season”, should sickness diagnosis rate for winter two times. The reason has two: Dehydrated and in vivo Vitamin D increases. The expert indicated that in the water scarcity situation the urine density enlarges, the crystal change formation, causes the kidney stone, therefore should drink water in the summer.

Heart disease improvement

British Heart disease Foundation Professor Piersen indicated that the winter is blacker daily, the people sack time is longer, the heart working and the rhythm are different; The day cold blood tube contraction, the blood stream is more difficult; The blood platelet is also sensitive, easier to form the thrombus. These winter factor can increase heart disease danger greatly. Is in the summer completely different. According to the investigation, December, 2004 to January, 2005, Britain has 9000 people to die of heart disease; But June, 2005 to July, only then 7000 people die of heart disease.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The hug is helpful to the promotion both sexes relations

Had a woman of letters saying:“the hug is one kind of movement which I most like. We seek in the boundless world love, but will be is searching one forever the without limits hug ......Before this mortal body decays dry, once some people brought to smile hug me, proved that I enjoyed pass away on showing loving concern.”Indeed, to many women, the hug is the love most perfect expression. But the male often cannot think through, what do two people in have well together greasily every day? The American masculine network magazine “asked that he” publishes the article to this kind of difference, releases for the man question and answer is puzzled.

The scientific research discovery, the hug may stimulate the cerebrum release pitocin, it is called “the hug hormone”, is one kind “the companion adhesive”, can make each other feeling to be intimate with, consolidated both sexes relations. Looking from the evolution angle, body's intimate contact is strengthens the emotion link the good means that the female also hoped causes the man forever to be loyal to itself. Hugs appropriately, but can also let the human feel that comfortable, the mood is joyful, this is the woman cherishes the hug another reason.

The male regarding the hug repel, mainly lies in its subjective consciousness “shy, to be embarrassed and to be independent”. They thought that the expression sentiment's way has many kinds, the body language is only a bad plan, perhaps to arouse the method which the sexual desire uses. But the male neglected a point, the hug has been able to let their cerebrum release pitocin similarly, this was helpful to the alleviation pressure, the adjustment mood.

In besides in sex life daily life, both sides, if can shake hand frequently, touching, the hug, that its sex life number of times are most, the degree of satisfaction reaches as high as 72 points. The intimate behavior are less, the sex life frequency is lower. If in the daily life “loves, but far it”, “respects one another as one would a guest”, sex life degree of satisfaction sudden drop 27 point many. “asked that he” the website therefore suggested that the husbands and wives should hug at least every day one time, after before is not only regards as it the sexual affection, the play or, plays. When hug, the male may stroke wife's luxuriant gently, kisses her forehead, strokes her arm and the back gently, ten figures buckle, will let each other feel intimately.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before kissing, is most delicious several kind of foods

1st, clear water

Regardless of the health, the model, the star or the renowned young woman can suggest that you drink the clear water, I drink 1.5 kilograms every day. But if you thought that cup of clear water then may except the smoke taste, you want are not the healths, but was the neurology department, but the minimum other flavors had not been mixing with.

2nd, perrier/souda

Did not know whether the psychological factor, always did think drinks perrier or souda indeed is effective, especially when smoking, is quite capable the fresh taste bud, welcomes a newcomer again the fragrance.

3rd, chewing gum/bead/throat sugar

Mostly not goings to the roots of the problem.

4th, apple

The personal collection, the first matter eats an apple in the morning absolutely, guaranteed that the sulks all disappear are all eliminate in the smoke taste method to be overnight most effective! Does not believe may try!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Most stodginess ten kind of foods

Fries in oil food, the chocolate, the ice cream, the cream mashed potatoes ......These broadly the delicacy which is liked the populace, actually does not suit each person. If you the stomach is quite usually frail, suggested how has a look at the American MSN website newest announcement 10 kind of most stodginess foods to eat.

Fries in oil food

Looks like the fried chicken block, the French fries and so on fries in oil food inevitable is richly including the fat and the high fat, but these two materials will pile up in the stomach will create disease. The fat will produce one kind will be called “the acrylic acid” the material under the high temperature, this material very stodginess. American Florida Aolanduo nutritionist Tara Gidus said: “if you already contract aspect and so on gastroenteritis diseases, then must pay attention especially little eats the multi-oils, the soapily to fry in oil food, will otherwise cause some ill symptoms, for instance gastric disorder, diarrhea and so on.”

Countermeasure: Actually must satisfy desire of the food and drink, gives up frying in oil can also obtain the delicious feeling, for instance wants to obtain creak creak enjoyment, eats the salt taste potato chips definitely ill health, but may seek for the manufacture potato chip other methods, for instance cures, but is not fries in oil, either the choice eats the low fat or non-fat food, for instance crisp biscuit, hollow puffed rice and so on.

Pungent food

The red pepper or the Mexican pepper can stimulate esophagus's endophragm, after finishing eating, will have plants the loathful heart pain, and increased stomach's burden. Even if you want to add some sour cream to cause it change cool, you still could obtain the similar stimulation. Moreover, the sour cream and so on thing instead will suffer in addition other side effects.

Countermeasure: Regarding the stomach not good perhaps the bodily dry and hot person, if could not reject the pungent food enticement really, might as well chose slightly spicy food, little ate unripened grain, the red pepper.


Not only the massive edible chocolate will bring the unnecessary quantity of heat, will suffer the human who stomach esophagus regurgitation sickness will suffer, after has experienced the edible chocolate, will bring uncomfortable stimulation. This is because under the chocolate can cause the esophagus sphincter relaxation, causes the gastric juice backflow, stimulates the esophagus and swallows.

Countermeasure: In the chocolate variety's choice, should better be the black chocolate. This is because, the black chocolate includes the calcium, the phosphorus, the magnesium, the iron, the copper and so on many kinds to the human body beneficial mineral substance, in all chocolate, it is the sugar content and the fat quantity is lowest. In addition, the black chocolate also has the voltage dropping, the prevention atherosclerosis's function. But, the good thing cannot eat are too many, every day are most can only eat two scraps.

Citrus reticulata orange juice

The acidic drink can stimulate the esophagus, will cause the sensory nerve to receive the stimulation, the stimulation spot will become inflamed. If after you get up in the morning, the first matter drinks a next big cup of citrus reticulata orange juice, will enhance in stomach and intestines' acidity. What if this time you drink includes the highly concentrated fructose sweet lemonade, that must pay attention, because took in the excessive sugar to be able to create the diarrhea.

Countermeasure: The citrus reticulata orange juice includes massive Vitamin C, being suitable drinks frequently, so long as chose had a drink together with the time not to use the worry stimulation esophagus's question. Drinks the citrus reticulata orange juice and so on verjuice the best time is along with meal, or in two meal between.

Cream mashed potatoes

The potato are the low quantity of heat, the high protein, include the multivitamins and trace element food, is called ideally loses weight food. As if did not have the thing to compare bowl of mashed potatoes to receive the people to welcome. This is when why mentioned when so-called “convenience food”, the mashed potatoes are always listed as the first place the reason. But Canada had the cream or the cheese mashed potatoes does not have in the imagination so to be so good. In the US, the human who some 3000 ~ 50,000,000 lactose do not endure, but if you are also such person, is not suitable to enjoy the cream mashed potatoes. This is because, the mashed potatoes Riga's milk, the cream or the cheese, will let your stomach be very uncomfortable.

Countermeasure: Should better not purchase the mashed potatoes which goes, oneself definitely may use the fresh potato in the home, steams or boils does not increase any spice the pure taste mashed potatoes.

Fresh onion

Inside the onion, the garlic, the fragrant-flowered garlic have filled many kinds of nutritive elements, they are of great help to the health, for instance protects the heart, but they will also cause the stomach upset, for instance inflation, abdomen colic and so on. But as if may cause through the cooking to cause the stomach upset the nutrition mixture bad function.

Countermeasure: American nutriology expert Mary discusses, eats when these foods may use the mix the cooking method, like this may enable you not only to harvest the health, moreover does not need to suffer the negative influence.

Ice cream

Is one rapid method has not been able to determine you the lactose does not endure, only then waits for you to sit down eats a large bowl the ice cream to be able to know. When your distension of the abdomen, abdomen colic, inflation, these body's response is tells you to be far away from these to contain dairy products food richly. Looks like the ice cream, the icicle, the ice-cold drink and so on raw and cold food, if eats many excessively, will affect the stomach function the normal work, will create food very stodginess, easy to damage the taste. Eats time, although the delicacy is infinite, but actually will cause the appetite to drop afterward, also will stimulate the taste, will form the distension of the abdomen, the abdominal pain vicious circle.

Countermeasure: If you do not want to give up freezing food coolly, then the only solution is changes eats the non-lactose the frozen food, for instance the use legumes, the rice noodle boil flour gruel. Even if you are not the lactose do not endure, inside the ice cream includes the massive fat, but the fat is detained inside the stomach the time compares other foods to be long. Therefore raw and cold food is best little eats or does not eat.

West orchid and cabbage

The west orchid and the cabbage are “ten sub-flowered branches” in the vegetables outstanding person, not only richly including massive Vitamins and meals textile fiber, but also has against cancer, the anti-senile effect. But even if contains the meals textile fiber and many kinds of nutrients richly, these vegetables cannot the trust be completely the health. Because the high textile fiber's vegetables can help to support greatly your stomach capacity, easy to cause in the stomach the unnecessary gas accumulation.

Countermeasure: Solves the question method to be very simple, so long as before eating, them in hot water clear, causes it changes soft, like this then may cause to have the gas sulfur mixture stall. These two kind of vegetables most suit the cold food in sauce and boil fry.


The legumes are causing the dyspepsia aspect to be discredited. The legumes contain the low polyose like stachyose and the gossypose, ferment by the intestinal bacteria, can decompose produces some gas, then causes symptoms and so on makeing a belch, abdominal rumbling, distension of the abdomen, abdominal pain. The serious digestive ulcer patient does not want the edible bean product, because in the bean product the purine content is high, has the promotion gastric juice secretion function. The acute gastritis and the chronic shallow table gastritis patient does not want the edible bean product, in order to avoid the stimulation gastric juice secretes and causes the stomach and intestines inflation.

Countermeasure: By the soup form cooking legumes, to digest this kind of food to have the help, through the supplement moisture content, is helpful in digests the massive textile fibers which inside the bean includes, or extension cooking time. Moreover is must increase gradually legumes food to the diet, like this will increase the enzyme demand which slowly the digestion legumes will use, but will not present the side effect.

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