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Research that whole milk is not suitable for more than two-year-old children to eat

Research that whole milk is not suitable for more than two-year-old children to eatAccording to British "Daily Mail" website reported February 10: UK Food Standards Agency said that more than two-year-old children do not fit to drink whole milk, otherwise the future there will be suffering from atherosclerosis and heart disease risk.

Compared with the same 20 years ago, drinking whole milk of the same age children, the United Kingdom now on the lot of five-year-old child appeared in the high-lipid (a precursor to heart disease) phenomenon, the situation has aroused concern. UK Food Standards Agency is responsible for Human Nutrition Rosemary Ceguite doctor said to eat full-fat milk after the war have grown up children because the children than it is now healthier, more slender, because they take part in sports activities are more in touch with food litter fewer opportunities.

In response to this situation, the United Kingdom Food Standards Agency recently launched a campaign to urge parents to help children to stay away from saturated-fat, high food, such as whole milk, cheese, butter and red meat and so on. Since the high saturated fat is often a direct consequence of atherosclerosis and heart disease, which led to nearly 70,000 per year of children who died at birth.

Ceguite said ordinary whole milk, semi-skimmed milk content of saturated fat were 3.5% and 1.5%, skim milk content of saturated fat can be neglected. However, their calcium content is the same, all children can play to promote bone and teeth growth. She also called for the formation of healthy eating habits sooner the better, more than 2-year-old children to drink semi-skimmed milk or fat content of 1% of the milk will be more conducive to health.

However, the United Kingdom Dairy Association, said the person, more than eating a more comprehensive two-year-old child, you can choose semi-skimmed milk. But if they can not guarantee a normal diet, then they should not give up whole milk.

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