Monday, August 31, 2009

Husbands and wives marriage “devil law”

Husbands and wives marriage 'devil law'

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Our side has many husbands and wives, looked a lot, always could summarize some laws. Following many laws, are not necessarily well, but also has several approaching “the devil law”:

Cooks the law: The stir-fried dish definitely is frequently the wife, the stir-fried dish delicious definitely is a husband.

Loyal law: The wife more is loves the husband, the husband to the wife more is loyal; The husband more is loves the wife, the wife more is not loyal to the husband.

Spends the law: The wife spends the money in the appearance (cosmetology, clothing) on, the husband spends the money in (smoke, liquor, sign ......) the addiction.

Does grocery shopping the law: As soon as arrives at the market not to know that buys any vegetable good many are the wife, as soon as what vegetable arrives at the market to see to buy what vegetable many are the husband.

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Mature law: More is being loved deeply by the wife the husband more is mature, more is being spoiled by the husband the wife more is not mature.

Speech law: Between the husbands and wives who more spoke the words to be more, whose words more don't have the component.

Injury law: Between the husbands and wives, who pays many, bids good-bye when obtains the injury is bigger.

Complains the law: Frequently the complaint wife always, frequently the husband who always complained.

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Works the law: In husband's eye, in the family always does not have anything to work; In wife's eye, in the family always cannot do exactly.

Works the law: Works husband who always quits when you're ahead, works wife who always wants to get better and better.

Clothing law: The man only then the good-fitting clothing lacks the popular clothing, the woman only then the popular clothing lacks the good-fitting clothing.

Goes out the law: The one who most worries to go out is the wife, last goes out is also a wife.

Washes the bowl law: The wife washes the bowl easily only, the husband washes the bowl brittle.

Chats the law: More said that more has spiritual many are the wife, more speaks less many are the husband.

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Goes home the law: As soon as the wife goes out wants to go home, as soon as the husband goes out does not like going home; Once the wife is not willing to go home, the husband in a hurry goes home; Once the husband is not willing to go home, the wife sooner or later must leave home.

Quarrels the law: The husbands and wives jump over the reason not to quarrel more are quarrel ominously.

Ridicule law: Was understanding that love husbands and wives there, the ridicule can evolve one kind of humor, in did not understand that love husbands and wives there, the ridicule can evolve a war.

From law: Between husbands' and wives' geography distance is sometimes farther, the emotion distance is nearer.

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Crisis law: When the home economics presents the crisis, husband's idea always hoped that the wife helps herself, but whether wife's idea trades a husband.

Temperament law: Between the husbands and wives, makes money how many decision temperament size, does not make money the human does not have the temperament.

Equal law: The husband and wife both thought that they are the guardian, but the significant matter was actually a person said did not calculate.

Persuasion law: Between once the husbands and wives has the contradiction, acts the human who persuades to be more, the contradiction more is not easy to solve.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The man bothersomest wife does nine matters

The man bothersomest wife does nine matters

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* Was sick of that the wife too pays great attention the material life, for instance tells the husband to put on any shoes, to wear any table, to drive any vehicle.

* Was sick of that the wife gives him to be embarrassed in the presence of everyone. Makes the mistake any matter, best went home to say.

* Is sick of the wife to him the pressure. The life pressure already sufficed to be big, will exert pressure will again be unable to withstand the load.

* Is sick of the wife after marriage, trims off the long hair, sloven, changes fat, does not work.

* Was sick of that the wife is drunk in the public area looks like the idiot.

* Is sick of the wife to talk endlessly, which room did the husband arrive at with to arrive at which room to say.

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* Was sick of that the wife sex life does not have the fervor.

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* Was sick of that the wife jealous jealous mind is too strong.

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* Was sick of the wife works as his surface to put on make-up, the moment, woman's US did not have the mystical feeling.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The female is easier than the male to receive the nightmare to puzzle

The female is easier than the male to receive the nightmare to puzzle

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The British scientists study the discovery, compares with the male, the female is easier to receive the nightmare to puzzle.

The frequency is high

Britain " Daily Telegraph " report, west English University laboratory in one year tracking investigation 193 volunteers, including 100 females and 93 male, requests dream which under these person of records do.

The survey result showed that 19% male expressed has had the nightmare in the near future, but has this experience feminine proportion to reach as high as 30%.

Participates in this investigation west England University psychology lecturer Jennifer Parker said that this is in the world first in view of the male and the female “the nightmare difference” research. She said: “looking from the result, the male and the female in makes in the nightmare frequency to have the obvious difference - - female to have the nightmare to be more, and the female is more intense to nightmare's feeling.”

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Parker analyzed that the female changed daily anxious and so on mood leads in the sleep, “I thought that feminine dream was they with reality resistance one kind of subconscious”, compared with the male, they more difficult to close “the switch” anxious.

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The content resembles

Parker said that the tracking investigation result showed that the nightmare basically may divide into 3 kinds: Is pursued or the life is threaten, loses the lover or the love thing, place oneself in a completely strange environment.

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“the interesting phenomenon is, if reads the related nightmare content the report of investigation, you will discover that the female and the male will make nightmare's content basically same,” she said that “just the female will frequently have the nightmare. ......Their not happy dreamland's quantity are more than the male, moreover in the dream has more pitiful, the self-denial and defeat's `the bitter experience '.”

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Before once some investigations pointed out that the female changes the matter which in the dream proficient person and the room occurs, their dreamland does not look like the masculine dream such to have the aggressivity. In addition, the female is easier to do loses the family member or throws the thing in the nightmare, this kind of nightmare appears the frequency must be more than the frightening nightmare, even lets many females cry to wake from the dream.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The research discovered that the coconut juice is the natural movement drink

coconut juice

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According to the US “Broadcasting company news net” the report, a new research discovery, the coconut juice is the best natural movement drink.

When the coconut is also immature, seems looks like one to be filled with the water the green water polo, such coconut water does not contain the fat, the potassium content is also higher than the banana. The coconut water in fact is the electrolyte mixture, calls it “the natural movement drink” to be more appropriate. The electrolyte under the potassium help, the beneficial human body takes up water well, and can enter the blood rapidly, therefore prevents the dehydration beneficially.

In the mature coconut includes the coconut milk and the coconut oil. The coconut oil belongs to the beneficial health chain fatty acid, its oil ignites the olive oil is also higher than, therefore uses for to cook food is healthier.

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Although the coconut water includes the sugar, but are much less than the majority fruits. in 310 gram coconut water including the sugar 15 grams, is equal in 72 grams cider the sugar content. Moreover speaking of the milk drink allergy, the coconut milk is a better choice actually.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seven kind of friends are worth associating for a lifetime

Seven kind of friends are worth associating for a lifetime

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The good friend first kind: Whips

We need that kind the human who urges us to advance boldly. If you have the qualifications to obtain the promotion, but is actually indefinite, she will say: “that work is suitable you. Now we should hang up the telephone, you have the matter to now do. Waited for you to complete has telephoned again to me!”

The good friend second kind: Good consultant

When you meet the major problem may ask her to help - -, if lives the joy, the success secrets are anything - -, but she also can always give you an appropriate answer.

The good friend third kind: Young spot friend

She is in the office trainee or is moves to your next door from another city the immigration. Guaranteed that she is worth you supporting, then supports her. Throw Pillows Rugs Books and Gifts

The good friend fourth kind: It is not mother's mother

She may be your that very good, the old neighbor, you fall ill she delivers the soup to you; She also possibly is your friend's mother, she often invites you in the holiday to have the dinner. Each people have need others love time.

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The good friend fifth kind: Translator

The masculine friend understood that the masculine idea, he will give you the unwise suggestion, will have such friend not to have the harm to you. He may tell you explicitly, when your boyfriend said when “I need my space”, his meaning is anything (looks for a new boyfriend! )

The good friend sixth kind: Interesting person

When you need to decompress, she will pull you to sing KTV or to tell her life small joke to you, will cause you to smile straight sways back and forth.

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The good friend seventh kind: Cares about you the person

She looks like one time to pay attention to you, to look after you the elder sister. When you thought that somebody when is disadvantageous to you, she is sincere, presents emergencies's time in before dawn three o'clock, she is your the first human who telephones for it.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The human disposition and the taste have the close connection

The human disposition and the taste have the close connection

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Some person mood depressed time likes eating greatly tucks away, made meat egg, a meat patty, fat the attack to force in an all round own stomach. But some people when the mood is not good actually an appetite does not have. Why can like this? The secret lies in the diet with each person's disposition, the makings as well as the psychology has the inevitable relations.

On taking “rude and unreasonable” this word. Observes your person, if he (she) is one is addicted to the spicy like life person, then his (her) certain comparison “rude and unreasonable”. Is addicted to the spicy person temperament quite to be usually irritable, this kind of person belongs to “the plethora” in the disposition. They treat people are often warm naturally, but initiates the temperament to come to be very also scary.

But other people, they compare like eating the sweets. These person's disposition is quite often temperate, belongs in the disposition “mounts the liquid”. Their manner is discrete, is quite conservative on getting along with people, is not willing to take risk.

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The diet and the psychology have the close relationship truly. The British behavior psychologist through the massive fact research, indicated recently person's disposition and the taste have the close connection.

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The human who likes eats the rice, is frequently self-intoxicated, is narcissistic, processes appropriately to the human to the matter, compared with stretches the rules, but the cooperation spirit is bad; The human who likes eats the wheaten food, glib, line of gab, does not consider the consequence and the influence, but the will is not firm, works easily to lose confidence; But the human who likes eats fries in oil food daring to take risk, has does an enterprise's desire, but receives the setback disheartened namely; The human who likes eats light food paying great attention the human relations, is good at approaching other people, hopes to have wide acquaintance the friend, does not hope single-handedly.

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If relates the diet with the nationality, then you will discover another interesting phenomenon. Cited an example to take the bread, Russia had plants the famous bread to be called “the big bread”, its and the component was similar to the Russian is ordinary “suffices the vigor”; But France's bread usually makes each one contour fine bread circle, the bread strip. Russian rough straightforward, not bothers about trifles, the French romantic tender feelings, the emotion is rich, this point on the bread which manufactures from them can look clearly. The American diet by the fast-food majority, looks like a fried chicken kind of fast-food to cherish particularly by the American. The affection cooking oil fried wheaten food's person dares to take risk, this point manifests very well on the American person body. The America people like stimulating the risk the disposition, looks like with theirs food habit really has the connection.

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Food and the psychology occurs every time is actually relating, this point can look from ours ordinary life: Described that the woman complained the man flirts with the eyes to other woman calls “to be jealous”; Our mood happy time always thinks at heart “sweet”; We are sad what flows off is “bitter and astringent” tears. The good and bad in life is salty, these five kind of flavors could find the corresponding mood correspondence word. Is willing us energy “to eat” the good mood every day.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

"junk food" possible to affect the mental ability

junk food

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The long-term edible high fat “junk food” possible to induce many kinds of old disease already manner knowledge, but the Britain researchers discovered in the near future: In the short-term crowded edible high thermal food possibly affects the mental ability.

This research results publish, in the newest issue "US Experimental biology Federation Meets Will" on.


The Oxford University researchers complete an experiment under the British Heart disease Foundation subsidization: With the fat content is 7. 5% “the standard meal” raises 42 mice, under the record the mouse, in “jogs the time which machine” on continues to jog, takes the physical strength weight target, “walks the labyrinth” by the mouse the performance takes the cognitive capacity weight target again. After this, the researchers change 21 mouse's recipes, let them eat food the fat content are 55% high thermal food.

“the standard meal quite low fat, is equal to the edible oats water dried fruit breakfast,” participates in the research biology Dr. Andrew Murray said that “'high quantity of heat food' 55% quantity of heats come from the fat, listens to resemble quite high, presses the human body standard weight not to calculate specially high, is only is actually approximate in the junk food quantity of heat.”

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After changing the diet the fifth day, the edible high thermal food's mouse in “jogs machine” on the movement time average compared to edible “the standard meal” companion few 30%. The ninth day, this value rises is 50%. Compares with other mice, edible 9 days “ill health meals” the mouse walks when the labyrinth displays inferior. “correct decision-making” the number from formerly was more than 6 drops to the average 5 or 5. 5, the appearance cognitive capacity comes under the influence. “the Western diet heat content is frequently high, looked long-term possible to induce diseases and so on obesity, diabetes and heart failure, but this diet way creates the short-term consequence little receives the attention. We hoped that this research may urge the people healthy and considers happily for at present, considered earnestly reduces daily food the fat content,” Britain “Daily Post” quotes Murray's words report.

Research project person in charge Clark said: “the findings are amazing. It demonstrated that eats food high fat food, even if is the short-term, may also obviously affect the gene expression, metabolism and the bodily performance.”

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Exploration reason

The researchers discovered that eats food the high thermal food mouse's muscle and in the heart cell the solution coupling protein content increases. Solves the coupling protein is one kind of special protein, will hinder the cell production movement to need the energy, will thus reduce the heart and muscle's efficiency. This may the part explain the mouse in jogs machine on displays the variation the reason.

Moreover, high fat diet mouse 9 days later the heart fill-out, means that the heart can not but increase the volume way to infuse more blood to the body, transports more oxygen to the muscle.

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The researchers said that this research may for the athlete who and the metabolic disorder patient seeks the best diet plan provides the important reference. The researchers already began to inquire about in the short-term the crowded high thermal diet to the human body the influence.

British Heart disease Foundation medicine manager Jielimi Pearson said: “only uses more than one weeks, the diet change will let mouse's heart function obvious feeble. We anticipated that saw the similar experiment on the volunteer body's result, that might tell us high fat food to the human body heart's influence.”

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

In male person eye 10 kind of good women!

In male person eye 10 kind of good women!

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The man judgment is greatly different, each man regarding “beautiful woman” “good woman” the judgment is dissimilar. It is said these 10 item of good women standard undergoes the innumerable men's summary to obtain. Has a look at you are the good woman.

1st, the woman more loves, the man is braver

The man does not repel to his family and the woman fulfills one's obligation, if he can know explicitly his wife will love him, he dutifully sacrifices all for the family and the wife. Otherwise, if the man has not grasped to the family and woman's feeling even has the unnecessary worry, he will display looks like a rascal. In the related family and at woman's matter, the men like hearing similar Madame Eisenhower such reply: “the life takes to woman's greatest profession, is a wife.”

2nd, tolerant, understands man's shortcoming and the error truly

The man goes far beyond woman's imagination regarding the family and woman's value degree, they are always used to their family and the woman treat as the safe haven and the cozy nest. Therefore they hoped that here can contain their success and the defeat completely, no matter when stretches out the arms greets them to come back. Hosting

3rd, the woman must pay attention to hygiene, loves cleanly

Although they are also lazy dirty, is actually unable to tolerate one not to wash the face does not wash foot, facing the family who is unable to withstand chaotic, but aloof woman. Because they thought that their family and their woman are the true honor.

4th, the man needs household head's status

The woman always likes in household head's question struggling weak points and strong points with the man, probably household head really can control anything to resemble. Actually the man requests is a status, they are so lazy, how possible initiative to undertake does grocery shopping and washes bowl's responsibility?

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5th, the man is afraid lonely

From the psychology said that the man is afraid the lonely animal. The unmarried man exits to drink a cup perhaps to sleep every night to the friend family is not they likes drinking perhaps is friends with the friend, their bottom of the affair is they are afraid a person to live alone. Therefore the married man has the full reason to believe that he should not feel again is lonely and is lonely. When therefore the man loses their woman's whereabouts or they late turn over to even not to turn over to, they are then terrified look like in bustling streets the stark naked nun.

6th, do not count on male others outside the family to think the same way

The woman complains in male others outside the family to act like a different person frequently, is he always so why well-mannered to the bystander, actually looks like a tyrant to me? Why can't he also to my good spot? Actually the woman is not necessary for this reason heavyheartedly. Because politeness is always only the public relations need, but excessive has hundred evils regarding the family not to have an advantage politely. When the man displays politeness to the woman, can only explain that he already lost to her has loved Italy or does has been unfair to her matter.

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7th, do not when the man gets angry is in sharp opposition with him

Man the pressure which and the tribulation withstands in the society are the woman experience without knowing where to begin, this bad mood is very possibly brought back to by them in the family. Therefore the man frequently for no reason the nitpicking woman or to their uncombed hair temperament, when they will fly into a rage they by no means really will be discontented with the woman, but will be is giving vent to the melancholy mood. The man most needs woman's understanding and accepts, needs the woman to pay the quite suffering from injustice price.

8th, the man also has the jealous jealous mind

The man does not lack the jealous jealous mind compared to the woman, moreover frequently the life wrestles, dies is more than far under the love rival duel's knife sword's man is rivals for sexual favor tears to pieces facial skin's woman. If a woman really loves her the man, she should understand man's this kind to dope the self-respect and the vanity point of view diligently, treated the man carefully oversuspicious and the guess.

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9th, in the family the right and wrong is sure not to say randomly casually

The skeleton in closet cannot spread. In family's right and wrong is the matter which originally does not talk clearly, if advances the outside again the baseless rumor, man's self-respect certainly will collapse thoroughly. To that time, even if the man has a mind to reconcile, is also is unable to back down. If woman's real hope solves the problem, her only choice is closes the gate to come, slowly discussed. Because man's household management principle is: Cannot the bystander interference in internal affairs.

10th, do not take own man and others comparison

Looks like in the man, the woman takes her man and the family and others comparison is to her man and the family serious betrayal. Their impossible good intentions to understand that woman's original intention and the desire, subjectively will only think the woman will be nitpicking they to express the disaffection. They also meet the unfeeling to think, if you are unsatisfied, why you also not immediately do leave?

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