Sunday, March 1, 2009

When a heart attack should not be driving

Canadian experts suggest that in a heart attack, it is best not to ride or drive to the hospital for medical treatment.

According to "Windsor-hua Bao" reported: The Canadian city of Hamilton, Ontario, 487 patients into the doctor conducted a survey and found 40% of fatal heart disease are driving to the hospital. Cardiac catheterization laboratory is responsible for one person, interventional cardiologist said Madhu Natarajan, in 487 patients, 179 patients with heart disease have either their own car to hospital, or allowing others to drive them to hospital, or are sitting bus go the emergency room. He said, are wrong to do so, and there will be a potential serious consequences.

He believes that if patients are to drive, except he has lost his sense given the dangers posed by other drivers, the ambulance staff could not estimate his condition, and after hospital arrival than wait a little longer time to receive emergency treatment. The study found that walking to make patients wait an average of many time ECG five minutes, while the clot dissolving drugs in the provision before the average waiting time is 30 minutes.

Natarajan said, the majority of people who drive cars or ride other people with heart disease are men, young people and those who do not have a history of heart disease people.

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