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7 Signal implied marital relationship problems

7 Signal implied marital relationship problems
Disharmony in the marital relationship at three-year-old, forty-year-old crowd to become a very common situation. As time passes imperceptibly, two people get married at the time of enthusiasm has been replaced by apathy and indifference. But does it show that you really have the feelings of crisis, the case? To make a correct diagnosis, you first take a look at life on the possible appearance of the following seven symptoms:

No longer talk sweet talk
As we all know, talk to his wife, together with the seasoning laugh more ridicule, she should seize the opportunity to boast about it, husband-wife relationship easier to get along.

Manner of speech are the spouse constitutes a harmonious relationship between husband and wife or one of the elements. Convey a meaning can have a variety of ways on how you look on that. If you no longer have interest in sweet companion, this is a bad signal.

Interested in social activities
Two people are busily engaged in a variety of dance or take part in the gathering of friends in order to avoid close contact with both. Both at home alone, the old television so open, many are reluctant to speak.

Date first wearing clothes no longer fit
The United States, a study reveals: In 2500 the relationship between husband and wife claimed that discord is not happy to be interviewed by women, marriage at 10 years, average weight 54 lbs. Implementation of the research analysis of psychologists Richard said: "The weight of the part of the increase in women who are able to increase their dominance in the family and a sense of achievement, while for other women, this can protect themselves against by unnecessary sexual harassment, of course, her husband will also greatly reduced its interest. "

Ashamed to put two pictures of people on the table
There is no room for your photos photos, if any, is also a random bed of debris on the heap, above covered with dust. At this time, you should reflect on about the whole thing.

Are you waiting to leave quietly at the day
"Sometimes I want to leave him. But I never dared to think many, because I do not know how other people will watch me, let me feel embarrassed, they indulged themselves to blame, do not concentrate on him." If you always have this idea , then your marriage is very dangerous.

Did not want to partner with long-term stays
At a tourist destination with a holiday is a good thing admirable. However, if the selection is only a short holiday vacation, it means that no partner and stay together for too long, and sometimes this is also a sign of emotional cracks.

The two no longer quarrel
"This is a symbol of the worst," those who have always quarrel with the husband and wife have stuffy than at stomach couples live together more easily. Argument at least shows that you have passion, have the courage to communicate in good faith. The kind of lazy and indifferent silence is the biggest sign of divorce. Quarrel between husband and wife have two: First, angrily Ran, one consumer anger, everything at peace; two are faint, at this time is undone, the point of no return.

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