Friday, March 27, 2009

6 large living supplies even more toxic than the leaded material

As long as children are concerned about the health of the parents, I am afraid that fear will be one-third of lead poisoning. However, according to media reports, a matter of fact, in life, there is much day-to-day supplies, also dangerous than lead paint.
Amalgam fillings 1. Amalgam fillings

Not to use amalgam fillings (also known as mercury fillings) for Children fill a tooth, or else the child inhaled mercury vapor, and even to swallow, it may cause mercury poisoning.
Antimicrobial soap 2. Antimicrobial soap

Antibacterial soap antibacterial Why? Because it contains a small amount of toxic substances. This is also harmful to humans, especially for the developing nervous system of children. Therefore, in order to avoid all that "antibacterial" products, the best use of natural soap, let the children play a role in the immune system, killing bacteria in general.
Non-prescription drugs 3. Non-prescription drugs

Almost all drugs have some toxicity. Medicines for children and much more toxic drugs than adults, because they increase the chemical sweeteners and artificial pigment content
Sports drinks 4. Sports drinks

Since only "exercise" word, some parents will think this is a healthy drink, but also feel that it can play the role of potassium supplement. In fact, it contains one of the chemical sweetener is harmful. Drink plenty of water are smarter ways.
Sunscreens in sunscreens 5. Sunscreens in sunscreens

Much of sunscreen sunscreens can cause skin cancer, because they contain a variety of toxic substances. More seriously, sunscreens block ultraviolet rays, so that the skin does not manufacture vitamin D, affect the bone growth.
Processed milk 6. Processed milk

Less than 10-year-old children suffering from heart disease, there is a part of the reasons are with them on the milk drink processing. Since these processing milk, some may contain pesticides and other chemicals.

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mummy haz lots ov mercury fillins an is gradewly gettin them replayced...
I don't hav eny as I'm a sensibol Bear an allways cleen my teeth wiv a good strong twig.

I'm goin to hav a pawty on my blog this weekend to sellybrate my 500th post :@} wud yu like to come?

Festivitys kik off tomorro at noon UK time an larst till midnite Sunday!Leev sum jokes in the comments sekshun ov Friday's post fer evrywun. Weel be havin cayke, ginger beer, scooby snaks an a serprize speshul gest!!!!!


skywind said...

This is English? In any case, thx for your visit, b.t

Gran said...

I feel better when I drink (cold) water, instead of soda or sports drinks.

skywind said...

gran, yes, it is. ;)

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