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Ruth often overlooked in the 24 health secrets

Living in a lot of healthy lifestyle, is actually very simple, but often because of their "insignificant" and by our neglect, then see whether these can be easily forgotten small details of your healthy lifestyle!

One little secret

Wash your face every morning when, I remember the way to nasal inhalation of cold water gently washing. Large returns: double benefit - not only stimulated the nasal cavity and also the cleaning of hygiene. Nasal cavity and one day after such training, and gradually accustomed to low temperature, and then there is cold air invasion, it has got used to not just turn a cold.

Little secret of the Second

Wash at room eyes will be able to see the place put up an enjoyable landscape, brush your teeth every day before they imagine themselves in that draw on the inside. Big return: perhaps you are standing on clouds wind around the top of the hill looking straight down, maybe you are sitting in a trendy open-air cafes to drink coffee. His meditation a few minutes, the body's level of stress hormones drop suddenly much.

Little secret of the three

Brewing in the minds of your sentence can have a positive and strong resonance of the famous epigram, starting every day before work, in their minds that the sentence be five minutes intervals. Big return: This will make your mind more active and progressive in order to better passion into work.

Little secret of the four

Traffic congestion, the other customers complain about the traffic situation worse, to relax your breathing. Concentrated hypogastric (lower) position to do 4:7:8 breathing - first breath, and then to nose breathing, silent 4 under 7, under breath, and then I breath, bring out the "call out" sound, mime Number of 8. Large returns: as long as you adhere to the regular city in a short breathing exercise to do this, you will find calm impetuous soul, if you suffer from insomnia, insomnia symptoms will certainly be improved.

Little secret of the five

To the office, take a deep breath and look after the hand fingertip force along the direction of the hair cycle in the head like hair combing. Large returns: combing the scalp to clear your head a sense of nervous, so that there is a clear sense of the mind, and better to work.

Six little secret

If you take a bus to work, when others look at the newspaper, to do not to miss the opportunity to exercise the pelvic muscles. Contraction movements will focus on in the urethra, continuous shrinkage 1 First duplicate the frequency of release. You may rest assured that you will never act someone noticed. Large returns: pelvic better state your vagina more tight insist every day 5 minutes to do this exercise, vaginal muscles will show more of a state of tension, but also to prevent age-related incontinence.

Little secret of the seven

Not to feel suffocated in a narrow crowded elevator, stair climbing it! Big returns: 1 minutes each climb stairs, you will consume 6 calories, even if you only live in the 4 floor, at least a week to consume 120 calories of heat, 1 year is 5520 calories, the equivalent of your little one can do a long one kilograms of fat.

Little secret of the eight

If the sun was shining outside the office, break out of the office 15 minutes of sun bathing. Large returns: UV disinfection is not only a very good instrument, but also can enhance your absorption of calcium, you need vitamin D will be easily accessible.

Nine little secret

Mid-day break if they can not nap, mint points on the hand cream or chewing gum chewing. Large returns: peppermint cream flavor allows you to restore the spirit of news on only a few seconds, the nose will feel the sense of smell stimuli delivered to the brain, your spirit will immediately lift it. Chewing gum also has the same effect, smell and taste will feel the excitement, this delivery to the brain, the same will bring you exciting role.

Little secret of the ten

After a job, remember that hard-Song shoulders, as close as possible to both ears, clamping his arms, and then relax, this action can duplicate 10 times. Large returns: by making the neck, back hair, and stimulate blood circulation and relax neck and back so as to achieve results, so as to avoid back pain you Down faults.

Little secret of the eleven

And watching television do brush the skin side. Mane do use a brush, in the legs, hands to gently friction can brush to the skin pink. Large returns: Through massage the skin, so that the surface of the old skin off, accelerate blood circulation, stimulate your nerves, active in your thinking.

Little secret of the twelve

Will be a little lemon and a little bit of salt mixed pat at his face after 5-10 minutes, then wash. Large returns: road warriors for a day, dip a lot of bacteria, while the lemon with a contraction of the role and antibacterial effects, are an excellent cleaning agent, it is rich in vitamin B3, helps prevent bacterial growth, and acne have a very good therapeutic effect.

Little secret of the thirteen

Face when using the palm of your hand will warm the way victory and gently throwing up at his eyes closed, to do 20 times; then with cold water over the practice of duplicate 20 times. Large returns: If you are sitting at a computer next day, the eyes must be tired, you may wish to draw the eye to improve circulation.

Little secret of the fourteen

Shallow drink drink, why do not favor wine? Big return: wine contains cardiotonic can be effective in preventing heart disease.

Little secret of the fifteen

Evening return home, back pain was not, as soon as possible with a paper cup filled with water, ice cemented in the refrigerator, then cut along the cup mouth about 3-4 inches, in wipe sore back and forth for 10 minutes. Big return: allows you to eliminate the pain swelling subside.

Little secret of the 16

Evening before going to bed every day, you insist to use dental floss to clear. Big return: This will enable you suffer from gum disease to reduce the probability of 85%.

Little secret of the 17

Bedtime red hot bath of cold water alternately, each shower for about 30 seconds, the last cold water. Big return: This will give you a day of nervous tension and relaxation, so that your evening will not sleep around.

Little secret of eighteen

Bath after cutting raw potatoes broken skin with clean Sabu wrapped up enough in the eyes, put his legs put-ping, a 15-minute break. Large returns: You can eliminate the eyes swollen and black eye.

Little secret of the nineteen

Reach a lazy back to sleep. Big return: a slow, lazy and comfortable waist for people about to go to bed rest is even better because it loose, I can help you to relax tense nerves.

Little secret of the twenty

Weekends and holidays Walking in the woods, the index finger, middle finger, ring finger below the navel to the feet close together, to do Take a deep breath and gently press the belly at the same time - This is to recover, people excited about the main regions, the action can be repeated 15 times. Large returns: In recent years, many countries in the world in the use of forest-specific anion to regulate body function, treatment of disease. Forests are an oxygen processing plants, each hectare of forest can absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide, produced 0.37 tons of oxygen. Forest is a natural vacuum cleaner, its dust, dust absorption and has a good filtering effect on the treatment of pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases very useful.

Little secret of the twenty-first

Hard to think of a half-day weekend, do not know what to do, give you a suggestion, go fishing! Big return: Fishing is a fun outdoor activities, not only allows you to consume 100-200 calories an hour heat , but also to allow the fish to become your best nutritional healthy eating, even if the fish are rich in fat is also less than the lean meat fat.

Little secret of the 22

Should deliberately cultivate the habit of their own plant. Large returns: from types of vegetables, including carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, than at stores to buy much more affordable, and gardening can help you work one hour consume 150-250 calories.

Little secret of the 23

If possible, go on holidays on the seaside or the Peak to see the sunrise. Large returns: work and marriage may be you have some slack, it may go to see the sunrise, when you see the morning sun emerge in all its splendor, you will have a new lease of life to regain feeling, and will have a fresh vitality .

Little secret of the 24

Add every day at tea in Chinese wolfberry, which is a strong vitality and energy of plants, very suitable for the elimination of fatigue. Can promote blood circulation, prevent atherosclerosis, and liver fat accumulation; coupled with wolfberry contained within the various vitamins, essential amino acids and linoleic acid to the operation of comprehensiveness, but also can promote the body's metabolism, anti-aging . Large returns: wolfberry with physical therapy cold, sexless, stomachic, liver and kidney diseases, tuberculosis, constipation, insomnia, low blood pressure, anemia, various eye diseases, hair loss, stomatitis, skin care and other effects.

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