Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten best time to retain a healthy

Health of each individual is very important, but in life people's carelessness, negligence, often resulting in time to miss the best of health, following on to look at the best time for you health.

⒈ best time to brush your teeth

Three minutes after a meal are mouthwash, brush your teeth the best time. Since then, oral bacteria begins to decompose food debris generated corrosive acid, dissolved enamel, so teeth be damaged.

⒉ best time to drink tea

Tea health are the best time to one hour after meals. Many people enjoy drinking hot tea immediately after a meal, this is very scientific. Because of the tannic acid in tea with food iron into insoluble ferric salt, interfere with the body's absorption of iron, over time can induce anemia.

⒊ the best time to drink milk

Because milk is rich in calcium, middle-aged and elderly go to bed before drinking, can compensate the low calcium state at night and protect bones. At the same time, milk has a soporific effect.

⒋ the best time to eat fruit

The best time to eat fruit and are 1 hour before eating. Since the case of raw fruits, eating raw food and then eat the cooked food, the body will not increase in leukocyte and is conducive to the protection of the body's immune system.

⒌ the best time in the sun

 8:00 to 10:00 and 16:00 to 7:00, the sun are the best time to keep in good health. Daylight at this time to beneficial ultraviolet A light beam mainly the human body can produce vitamin D, thereby enhancing the body's immune system's anti-tuberculosis and to prevent osteoporosis and to reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis.

⒍ The best time Cosmetology

Skin metabolism at 24 am to 6:00 the next day the most exuberant, the evening before going to bed for the use of cosmetic skin care best able to help promote a healthy metabolism and protect the skin effect.

⒎ Walking the best time

Meal 45-60 minutes, 4.8 kilometers per hour and the speed of walking 20 minutes, the heat consumption of the largest and most conducive to lose weight. If after two hours after a meal at a walk, the effect will be even better.

⒏ The best time to take a bath

Sleep at night every day to come to a warm water bath (35 ℃ -45 ℃), enables the body muscles and joints to relax, blood circulation, speed up, to help you fall asleep safely.

⒐ sleep the best time

The best nap from 13:00 onwards, human feeling has been reduced at this time, it is easy to fall asleep. Evening at 22 o'clock to 23 o'clock to bed better person because of the deep sleep time at 24 pm to 3:00 the next day, while people sleep at one and a half hours after entering the deep sleep.

⒑ the best time to exercise

The evening of the most useful exercise. The reasons are: human beings exert physical or physical ability to adapt to, or nearly all afternoon into the evening the best. At this point, people's taste, vision, hearing, such as feeling the most sensitive, most capable full-body coordination, especially in cardiac rhythm and blood pressure are relatively stable, the most appropriate training.

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