Friday, March 6, 2009

Face, is a can lights "health status" mirror

Face, is a can lights 'health status' mirrorCan not look like hair, as can arbitrary change. Our bodies are to follow the status of a "certain rules" and have a change.

For example, morning and found out the face Acne, This is because the body has "extra hot" result. "Extra hot" is because of excessive intake of nutrients such as gastritis or inflammation of the body resulting from a site.

Acne why it always appears in the face? At puberty, when most people will have the face Acne, but do not have people suddenly thought about the case of Acne on the arm is not very good at it? Acne in fact most of them will appear in the upper body, especially the face.

Just think "hot air to rise," a natural phenomenon will be able to understand. When we burn when hot water is always above and below the cold hot. Our bodies, like fashion nights, when the visceral disorder or nutritional surplus arising from excessive hot, it will focus on upper body and the form of Acne.

In addition, we also emerged from Acne to observe what parts of the body where they are hoarding too much hot. Such as appear in the mouth around Acne, that may be inflammation of the stomach. Since the same mouth and stomach, so when the stomach arising from inflammation of the hot will be running up, so lips appear Acne.

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