Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Woman's face could not hide their secrets

Woman's face could not hide their secretsWoman's face is the window of their soul, and a Man's face conservative can live their secret, hidden not leak. "Daily Telegraph" reported that according to a new study shows that researchers from the woman's face to see her personality traits and inner world.

The study is published in "New Scientist" magazine, 1000 volunteers participated in the study. The researchers found that almost all the female volunteers were tested in the face, be able to identify their most recent mood, lucky or not, whether there is any faith or trust, such as whether it is worth.

The results showed that women in these volunteers, "it lucky" 70% accuracy, "whether there is any belief in" the accuracy or even to reach 73%. Identification "is trustworthy" slightly lower accuracy, but also reached 54%. However, it is difficult to accurately study the adoption of male volunteers faces, to distinguish whether they are lucky, only 22 percent accuracy rate.

The auspices of the study Jehurdfu University of British Professor Wiseman believes that woman's face to include more information than men. The study also found that looks outstanding people think is easier to be frank, have the ability, intelligence and health.

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EastCoastLife said...

I hope my face is not that easily read by others. haha...

skywind said...

Well, I hope you you can hide your own mind. :)
Thx, EastCoastLife.

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