Monday, March 9, 2009

"Prematurely senile," the 10-signal

  • 'Prematurely senile,' the 10-signal1, low-efficiency: decreased memory, and forget things, indecision, lack of vitality, to do one thing and so on always have to look, one dragging its feet.

    2, the degradation of the sense of competition: there is no creative thinking on the cause, and often feel empty and uninteresting, especially mental, more and am unable to.

    3, inferiority: a person alone, it is often more than would sigh, Like, in the face of the outside world, feel that they have become obsolete.

    4, the reaction anomaly: on the one hand, and sometimes particularly sensitive to interpersonal relationships, family and feel around with their own people make life difficult, numerous doubts; On the other hand, sometimes people want to stay in addition to happen in their own side of things turn a blind eye to, the reaction of indifference.

    5, a closed mind: No matter what you do love, want to own as the center, in accordance with their own wishes.

    6, evacuation lazy, do not perk up the spirit: the energy is not entitled to regular, good static evil impatient and sleepy continuous.

    7, eccentric personality: likes loner, business as usual. In particular, are unwilling to face the strangers, often looking for excuses to avoid contact with strangers.

    8, slow thinking: when faced with unexpected events, often at a loss, panic nullius, do not know how to do;

    9, emotional trance: enjoy indulge in memories of past events, the feelings of vulnerability, emotional, "child of", when cold, when hot, what is the value of those who do not have anything but strong interest, and enjoy nagging, but also like to hear others do not like to hear regardless of.

    10, Temperament impatient: Living more and more easily swayed by emotions, words and deeds in less and less rational component. More easily misinterpreted intentions of others, listened to other people's views, not cool, hair-trigger.

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What great tips! Thank you-I don't want to be anymore senile than I am.

skywind said...

HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM, I hope you Forever healthy beauty.

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