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Habits reveal how long your life

Habits reveal how long your lifeSmoking reduction in life expectancy, Life expectancy increased exercise are the people already familiar with the health theory, but in fact the life span of affected people have a lot of factors. So let us assume that their average life expectancy was 70 years old, take a look at this figure-based addition and subtraction are related to what the relevant bar.

1 "Could see the scenery of the room". Increase the life expectancy of two years

Studies have shown there, and lived in a wall can only watch in the sick ward, compared to live in can enjoy beautiful scenery outside the window of the ward, rehabilitation efficiency would be greatly enhanced also discharged earlier. Same beauty can also help people to improve mood, eliminate depression, become optimistic. If your window is indeed difficult to say "beautiful" to enjoy with their own pictures and photographs decorate the room bar.

2 entangled chores. Shorten the life of one year

Whether too many are required to manage their wealth, or into a huge debt by the debt collection people, complicated matters for most people will feel anxiety and depression, so that the consequences of the natural heart rate is speeded up, a rise in blood pressure, while pressure cortex hormones epinephrine and Alcohol will also cause harm to human.

3 feeding pets. 1-year increase in life expectancy

Pet of the number of people see a doctor much less to ordinary people, and not vulnerable to intrusion into depression. Custody of pets to accompany him at the human heart rate and blood pressure will be reduced. American studies show a high blood pressure, gender different stockbrokers to accept the pressure test, the pet's heart rate and blood pressure was significantly stable than other testers.

4 high-quality sex life. 4-year increase in life expectancy

Often able to enjoy orgasm (at least twice a week) of male premature deaths, less than half the opportunity to ordinary people, in particular, are brought about by the death of a heart attack. High ejaculation frequency may also reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Partner due to premature ejaculation, impotence are not able to enjoy sexual pleasure of women risk of heart disease will be higher.

5 noise pollution. Shorten the life of one year

3% of coronary heart disease because of the dead are long-term exposure to traffic noise environment. Noise to create the stress hormones make the body a long time state of alert, even in sleep is no exception, which changes the heart and blood vessels, causing high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke.

6 as a female. Life expectancy increased 10 years

Almost any country women live longer than men, can be around longer than the average life expectancy of males 10%. In addition to environmental and genetic factors, Male short-lived and androgen also must have associated androgen decided to attack the male sexual behavior and competition, so they are more likely to experience premature from violence, accidents and risk brought about by death. Androgen also reduces the heart beneficial cholesterol levels, while the female body, estrogen will be beneficial to improve cholesterol levels.

7 married life. Life expectancy increase in 7 years

Compared with the divorcees, widows and widowers unmarried persons, married people live longer. An American study found that never married people the chance of premature deaths, higher average 2 / 3, are also more vulnerable to economic crisis, the physical and mental health issues. The event of illness, a married person will eventually recover more quickly, in the face of certain types of cancer, their survival rate is also higher.

8 divorce. Shorten the life of 3 years

Research has said that divorcees have emotional disorders, accidental death and heart attack death of ordinary people the chance of higher and more susceptible to cancer, pneumonia and liver cirrhosis. However, if the marriage itself, people feel more pressure, divorce was also a healthy choice.

9 bad posture. Shorten the life of 2 years

Bad posture cause muscle, tendon, ligament loading, joint damage, and even affect the visceral functions, will have back pain, arthritis and back pain. The elderly will be back early death, particularly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases died.

10 happiness often. Life expectancy increase in 9 years

The study found that the mentality of positive people more healthy lifestyle, sports and social activities of their time more. Optimistic about the diseases and injuries heal faster and live longer, more difficult to suffer disabilities. Happiness can increase the antimicrobial resistance of the cells, thereby enhancing the immunity of the person.

11 low self-esteem. Shorten the life of 4 years

High self-evaluation more people cherish their own will, therefore, very concerned about their own health. They are often also the people happy. Research has found that the elderly living at home, if the physical condition similar to the higher self-evaluation is not easy to depression, a longer life expectancy.

12 lack of sleep. Shorten the life of 5 years

Interrupted sleep will enhance the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood fats, cholesterol, cortisol and blood pressure levels increased. Lack of sleep can also reduce brain function and alertness. The best guarantee of sleep per night 6-7 hours.

13 firm belief. Increase in life expectancy 7 years

An American study found that at least a week to take part in a religious assembly of people than people without any religious beliefs Life expectancy is about 35%, because of religious activities can enhance the body's immune ability to reduce vascular blockage.

This calculation, you really can live up to what age?

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