Monday, March 2, 2009

Child Cancer often six signal

"Hard to find, easy-delay" Cancer children are the most horrible place. Because of clinical symptoms and some common diseases are very similar, children can easily be misdiagnosed tumor. At this point, parents must take on "Watchmen" the great responsibility of these children on high alert following the early signs of tumor if it is found that suspicious, immediately bring their children to the hospital for medical treatment.

1. Unexplained pallor, bleeding. Has often accompanied by fatigue, poor appetite, anemia and other phenomena, or unexplained bleeding, suspicious bleeding points, or silt grouper, Hematologists required to go to the hospital as soon as possible to check.

2. Unexplained fever. Do not think that children must be developed on a cold, if for no reason at all to a fever of more than half a month, and the temperature fluctuated, it is difficult to control, can no longer blindly take medicine to deal with at home, and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Since this is likely to be leukemia or neuroblastoma clinical manifestations.

3. Unexplained pain. Such as abdominal pain, joint pain, headache, etc., at the same time, there are neurological symptoms, such as vomiting, walking insecure.

4. Persistent lymphadenopathy. Due to virus infection of the tumor led to many local or systemic cause of lymphadenopathy, such as the duration is longer, and no tenderness, should be inspected in detail.

5. The limbs, trunk abnormal swelling. Number of bone cancer or rhabdomyosarcoma are swollen limbs or trunk for signs of its hasty Do not be regarded as traumatic.

6. Have abnormal eye reflected light. Children's eyes to light do not produce normal reflected light, deep eyes, white object can be seen, we should promptly to the eye examinations.

In addition, the children cried abdominal pain, or bulging of the bulging belly, the other for granted easily; children, the sudden appearance of the bottom rib unexplained lumps, swelling, it is not a good sign. Changing clothes when bathing in peacetime, many may wish to observe the child's stomach, hands by the press to see if there are abnormal.

It is worth recalling that the same tumor and adults, early detection of disease leads to cure disease essential in order to seek treatment time to ensure efficacy.

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