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Man life's most important first eight

Life has much in particular memorable moment: the first encounter, first walk, first caressing, first kiss, first quarrel ... ... these "first" experience enriched our lives, but also affects our future the road of life. You or around you a Man who lives in their eight most important first, you have accompanied their common experience of it?

1, first kiss

A lot of boys said that boys who remember the "first kiss" is not specific first kiss, but the best kiss, it determines the future development of feelings.

Steven has a deep fascination with the Irish girls, until the first kiss after the discovery, she and he does not call. And and the second kiss girlfriend Suzanne's full of pathos, then activated him all the sensory cells. Later, Suzanne became his wife, the kind of exciting feeling can also be maintained for 40 years.

2, first trip

Someone said that if a man and a woman can not travel with Happiness, it would make no husband and wife; a married couple if the trip is not a happy relationship will not last long. Can be seen on the trip when the feeling of love, marriage and how important.

Whether short or long-distance travel, or even a simple meal out, can be both character shortcomings exposed. Travel are the best way to know each other, your wife, perhaps in a trip in the Know, and Get along with most of the girls happy.

3, first said, "I love you"

This sentence should be heartfelt, it is the love life of a milestone that "this thing is so true feelings of children." However, premature to say "I love you" would make it in haste; said many, and will let the other annoying, so both men and women should cherish the opportunity to love.

4, first found her a good sense of humor

We are now focused on a sense of humor, it will not be regarded as the lubricant of life, can adjust the relations and resolve contradictions. Almost every one of the boys want to meet girls humorous, and intimate relations with her development.

5, first see her friends

"In the same category together," is now our friends. Most boys want to Know girlfriend's friend, if someone likes one of lying, or misbehavior, most of them will be decisive and his girlfriend broke up.

But also someone to refute this point. There is a small part of the boys said no man is perfect, so they do not care about his girlfriend's friend, it is hoped that this would affect their relationship.

6, first put to her wardrobe with

Now a lot of people before marriage, cohabitation usually first time to determine whether the two sides come character.

Boys who would normally think that when a male so that his girlfriend put the clothes into his wardrobe, that is an important hint: my feelings on this very seriously. Since at boys view, a clean closet, representing a token.

7, first boldly say "I do"

A lot of boys at the time of marriage are especially nervous, even scared at saying "I do" when things go wrong, people think that it will regret a lifetime.

A small number of boys at the time of the marriage, this would be very afraid they would dry mouth, could not speak, let the bride into thinking that he is not willingly. So a few days before marriage, they continue to mirror this practice until the day they opened their mouths, "I do" and simply say the words loud.

8, first the father to do

Man's life, the first to do There is nothing more exciting time father, or even because a lot of boys will be so happy and crying. Almost all the boys have said that only make a father, life was perfect. "To see the children at the moment, they would understand the value of life."

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