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Remove the threat of six men's health bad

Young person in the often overlooked health problem. It does not know that a lot of seemingly insignificant habits and practices of their own future will bring many health risks, even if social relations are traditional strong - Man, is no exception.

I still remember the early 20, in their prime, do you think the vitality of its own will never be depleted; in order to make them look more mature and sexy, and ultimately, the daily cigarette between your fingers; the summer is to seize every opportunity to show their young charm.Passage of time, now you have become a general in a Man: and other loans saddled with the same pressure, more energy are used for various types of family planning, as long degenerated into entertainment occasional luxury. At this time I am afraid you will begin to worry when the reckless young will suddenly cool to own a counteroffensives? Smoking, drinking, jumps enlightens, sunbathing, which appears to mark the activities of the young what the future will bring what the health threat? Let us find out.


Against: alcohol can easily lead to alcoholism, especially in their immediate family in the circumstances of such patients. The medical profession will be defined as alcohol: one drink a bottle or 5 more than 5 bottles of beer, or blood alcohol level at or higher than 0.08. Because of substantial alcohol kill brain cells, the long run, will lead to memory. May also cause fatty liver, cirrhosis and other liver diseases, serious liver transplant must be carried out in order to preserve life.

Remedies: If you are dependent on alcohol have not yet reached the degree, then from now on to itself up to drink a bottle of beer a day. With the reduction in alcohol intake, liver most likely natural recovery to its normal state. At the same time, although we can not allow the revival of the death of nerve cells, as long as there is no substantial stimulation of alcohol, the brain's memory function will be gradually returning.

Unprotected sex

Hazard: You are likely to have no sense in the case of infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Experts point out that about 75% of women carry chlamydia, but there is no clinical symptoms, and most women with gonorrhea show only mild symptoms, such as urine or vaginal discomfort has yellow liquid outflow, it can not think of themselves in need of treatment , unprotected sexual behavior of these diseases will be transmitted to men.In addition, 80 percent of men suffer from genital herpes will not appear in patients with obvious clinical symptoms such as pain. More in-depth study found that as high as 75% of men by showering papilloma virus Human papillomavirus (HPV) intrusion, which is currently the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is usually no obvious symptoms, but the absence of timely treatment and transmission to women, can lead to the occurrence of cervical cancer.

Remedial measures: If you do not have the habit of regular medical check-ups, then starting today should ask themselves to do this. Doctor to face, you must be their own situation and openly say so. Herpes is a chronic disease, use of drugs can control the progression of the disease, to avoid pain and infection.

Often in a noisy environment

Hazards: a young man fond of rock you will find that their hearing has been watered down. Are often easily lead to a noisy environment on the auditory system to receive a reduced ability to sound wave, and sometimes people hear what they say around the time of the noise situation is even worse. With age, people have a higher band then the voice of insensitive, that is to say, listen to high pitch sounds, such as doorbell, telephone's ability to reduce.

Remedial measures: Hearing loss is irreparable. However, we can take action to avoid the hearing continued to decline. For example, watching TV, listening to music when the volume deliberately put a small bit, in the use of vacuum cleaners and other noisy appliances, such as when put on earmuffs. If the ear often buzzing sound, you may be suffering from tinnitus patients, for those who enjoy loud music, this is a common disease. Although there is no cure, but if this symptom should be on time, in order to rule out the possibility of suffering from other ailments, and learn methods to ease symptoms.


Hazards: Whether you are entertaining for the occasional "means" look mild smokers, or days away from the cigarettes had not realistic severe smokers, cigarettes contained harmful ingredients will significantly improve your risk of heart disease, lung cancer and other types of cancer risk. Specifically, because of smoking cancer deaths caused by the proportion of all cancer deaths can be accounted for 30% of the total.

Remedies: For those who for several years and even decades-old smokers, there is no way to save health? The answer is to quit smoking. Experts point out that, even if only for one year to quit smoking, but also be able to effectively reduce the risk of heart disease for more than half of Tatsu. Such as to adhere to more than 15 years, the probability of cardiovascular disease can be restored to the level of never smokers.About lung cancer prevention, researchers found that smoking cessation up to 5 years, the possibility of lung cancer than smokers halved, while those who quit smoking 10 years, the prevalence of probability can be lowered to normal level. Period in the smoking cessation should be eating more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, these components can promote cell repair, to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals in vivo. At the same time, should actively take part in sports to enhance the lung function, and promote blood circulation lungs.

Very fond of sunbathing

Hazards: a lot of people think that not only bring them sunbathing charming color also is good for health. But do not underestimate the sun's powerful - it takes too long for frequent or sunbathing may also lead to skin cancer and early aging (such as stains, wrinkles, skin laxity and broken capillaries, etc.). While no one can prove that sunbathing and skin cancer have themselves to what extent a direct causal relationship, but the study shows that those who have once been Sunlight burns experienced person suffering from melanoma (skin cancer in the highest mortality of a) the probability is higher than that other people.A recent study showed that in all groups of people enjoy sunbathing, the white race of person suffering from the possibility of melanoma three times higher than other groups. Way from the sun, the "artificial" sun of a greater harm, because the skin in a short period of time a considerable concentration of UV absorption.

Remedial measures (the effect of medium): from the sun burns to skin cancer, the disease, which can go through a 10 ~ 30 years of latency. So if you were a child once the sun burns off, it must now be vigilant.Every month to check their own body skin to see if there appears a new mole in mind, is there a mole in mind the old discoloration, deformation, if you found any suspicious symptoms should immediately seek medical treatment. At the same time, if you remember who the mole or more regular sunbathing family has been incidence of skin cancer, then you should also make an annual professional skin check. Of course, there is the most basic point: Before applying sunscreen circumstances no longer accept direct sunlight.

Repeatedly lose weight

Hazards: the medical profession think the past once again lose weight will lead to metabolic disorders, reduced muscle density, and even sudden death, but in-depth study for the above conclusions have been shown negative trends. Repeatedly lose weight, however, for the health effects of fertility are also not optimistic. WA Medical Center in recent studies have shown that: the human body will lose weight repeatedly declining long-term immunity. Although not yet identify the specific reasons, but the researchers found that repeatedly lose weight would reduce the cell viability and to combat influenza, infection and the ability of cancer cells early.

Remedies: For people who are overweight to reduce 4.5 kilograms of body weight can reduce the incidence of hypertension and diabetes rates, reduced excess fat of course, dragging a fat than a healthy natural and unrestrained, but the key is how to lose weight the results to defend itself.First of all, must find the causes of obesity, get rid of past unhealthy lifestyles and habits; then take practical action, in accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists and their own ability to accept scientific lose weight, lose weight Happiness - it is necessary to control excessive eating, but also ensure that every Date required for a variety of human nutrition intake. Third, regular exercise can reduce the human pressure is also able to promote fat burning, lose weight so that the effect of a more visible and more durable. Finally, no matter how lose weight best way to lose weight who are required to cope with persistent perseverance.

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