Friday, March 13, 2009

Can enhance the immune system 9 Great Food

How to diet to improve immunity, far away from the cold? To achieve this, in recent days, MSNBC news network, introduced nine kinds of food.

Yogurt: probiotics protect intestinal tract. Yogurt contains probiotics, the protection of the gut to avoid the emergence of disease-causing bacteria. In addition, some yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria can promote the growth of white blood cells in blood.

Sweet potato: Enhanced skin resistance. Skin is the body's immune system 1, are the body fight bacteria, viruses such as the outside world against the first barrier. Vitamin A in the connective tissue play an important role. While vitamin A is the best way to get from food β-carotene, sweet potato this is the fastest way to nutrition, it is rich in β-carotene, and low calorie.

Tea: anti-bacterial anti-influenza. Harvard University's immune scholars have found two weeks to drink five cups of black tea every day the people will have the body of many anti-viral interferon, and its contents are not tea people 10 times, which can fight infection protein can be effectively assist the human body against flu, meanwhile, also can reduce food poisoning, wound infections, athlete's foot or even the symptoms of tuberculosis and malaria. Of course, drinking green tea also has the same effect.

Chicken Soup: Delicious cold medicine. Chicken in the cooking process to release cysteine and treatment of bronchitis is very similar to the drug acetylcysteine, there is salt chicken broth can alleviate the symptoms of sputum more, because it is very much like cough medicine ingredients. Stewed chicken soup when some onions and add garlic, allows a more visible effect.

Beef: effects of zinc supplementation to enhance immunity. Zinc in the diet is very important, it can promote the growth of white blood cells, which helps the body to guard against viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances. Even a slight zinc deficiency may increase the risk of suffering from infectious diseases. Beef are the body of an important source of zinc supplementation, so in the winter, proper tonic beef, both hardy also the prevention of influenza.

Mushroom: the promotion of leukocyte anti-infective. A long time, people put mushrooms enhance immunity as food. Now, researchers have found a reason for doing this: to eat mushrooms can promote the emergence and activities of white blood cells so that they more preventive.

Fish and shellfish: selenium anti-virus. British experts to study pointed out that sufficient selenium supplement can increase the number of immune proteins, which assist the body to clear influenza virus. Selenium comes mainly from the oysters, lobsters, crabs and clams and other seafood products. Fish such as Atlantic salmon in Omega -3 can help produce blood cells, many anti-influenza, but also help to enhance human immunity.

Garlic: Allicin anti-infection and bacteria. British researchers in the experimental results show that eating garlic can reduce the risk of colds happen 2 / 3. Often chew garlic Human colon cancer and the risk of gastric cancer will be greatly reduced. Is therefore recommended that two raw garlic every day, and when cooking dishes add some crushed garlic.

Oats and barley: Health fibers antioxidant. Oats and barley contain β glucan, which has anti-bacterial cellulose and antioxidant role. Consumption of oats and barley, can enhance immunity, accelerate wound healing, but also assist antibiotics exert better results.

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