Wednesday, March 18, 2009

8 kinds of dream to do this: you may be sick

From the pathological point of view, many physical diseases and mental illness symptoms are not obvious at the incubation period. Especially during the day people's brain activity, brain cells are very excited about the circumstances, it is imperceptible to the in vivo potential of abnormal lesions costimulatory signals. Sleep when the brain cells to enter the "resting" status, job function of reduced time during the day to stimulate the subtle signals to stimulate the cortex on the hub, so that the corresponding brain cell stress response, predictability dreams happen. And different diseases with different dreams, and the same disease are usually more similar to dreams.

Here are some disease-related dreams.

1, dreamed someone or beating your head monster, or to your facial features, such as irrigation fluid. You may be suffering from brain tumor and nervous system diseases.

2, a dream to hear the strange sound. Auditory center may exist in certain diseases of the blood vessels or near the hardening happen.

3, dreamed trachea was jammed, breathing is not smooth, suffocation. Respiratory disease may exist.

4, has been chasing the dream, the hearts of fear, want to call but no voice, wanted to run but can not move, awakened after a lingering fear, sweating, rapid heartbeat. May be the heart of coronary artery insufficiency.

5, dream walking instability, twist the body, heavy limbs, and accompanied by a sense of suffocation, and suddenly awoke. Angina may be the precursor.

6, dreamed of falling from height, but always fell on the ground are not yet been awakened. May be a sign of heart disease.

7, dreamed of water scenes, such as floods, swamps, drowning and so on. Hepatobiliary system and kidneys may have lesions.

8, the dream was beaten up after being beaten dream feeling pain. Indicates the corresponding organs may have lesions.

Therefore, the experts believe that, if repeated sleep dream similar to the above circumstances should be attention.

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