Thursday, March 19, 2009

Salt has a similar drug-like effect to improve the emotional

The researchers found that the United States, salt has "a similar sentiment to improve the efficacy of drugs" can be addictive, frustrating the lack of salt.

"Physiology and Behavior" magazine published in the United States, Professor Kim Johnson, University of Iowa study shows that if we do not give yan mouse, they will be depressed, and even the dessert drink usually lose interest.

British "Daily Telegraph" quoted Johnson on the 12th, then reported that this discovery allows the researchers to believe that "there is no salt to eat or desire yan can cause depression and other similar symptoms."

The researchers also found that there is no salt to eat when the mouse brain activity and "addiction rat" no drugs at the time of brain activity similar to, "This means that the brain needs or desire when the activities of salt intake with drug addiction and abuse the same drug. "

A number of previous studies have shown that salt can promote body fluid flow in the body, but excessive intake may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other diseases, and may even lead to stomach cancer.

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