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Men's health standards

What kind of Man would be really healthy? Recently, the United States more than a dozen health experts after lengthy efforts, published a list. Experts said that if it can reach 11 in seven, enough cells known as "really healthy" the Man.

1. His blood there is sufficient high-density lipoprotein (or HDL)

The world each year about 356,000 men die of heart disease, cancer are twice as many. "If there is sufficient blood HDL (high density lipoprotein), is basically not have to worry about on the." Cardiovascular experts have pointed out that, "HDL has the role of clean-up arteries, if they can reach or exceed 90 mg / dL and rarely serious thrombosis. "

Israel A Man for 8586 lasted 21 years of follow-up survey confirmed this view, HDL Man died in the highest levels of stroke risk minimization. Him to increase the body's HDL level, required at least 4 times a week, each 20 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. Normal blood levels of HDL is 40 mg / dL or so, it is best to achieve the figure twice.

2. There are two closest buddies abuse

These two buddies are should not abuse his current colleagues, neighbors, fitness instructors, are any fixed sum should not appear in the person of his life. Dr. Xie Ruode psychologists think that if a Man over 35 years of age in line with this standard, that he has a healthy social contact, he would more than 2 / 3 of the Men will also live longer. This means that he put friendship built on common interest rather than geographic proximity, job benefits, and so on to facilitate the comparison of living things on volatile impetuous,

It is precisely these things so that the vast majority of men at the age of 40 after becoming another snobbish sophistication.

3. Him to the following two questions to answer "yes"

Separately the two questions are: "Every morning, you look forward to go work?" "Afternoon every day, you go home looking forward to it?" After 30 years of practical research, the study found that people hold a positive answer, died of heart disease risk is very low.

4.PSA value of less than 2.5 ng / ml

The full name of prostate-specific antigen PSA. Prostate cancer experts have pointed out that this indicator shows that he is suffering from prostate cancer the risk is relatively low.

5. Ejaculatory capacity

At the bed of a very fun sport, he should reach the ejaculation volume of 5 milliliters. Experts believe that this prostate health are the most direct expression. A simple measurement method: basing revenue plans on spending five milliliters of water, poured into a clean condom inside, remember the location of water, next time be able to estimate the volume of ejaculation.

6. Can walk within 28 minutes at 3 kilometers

In a fairly long period of time to maintain light and strong pace, is a measure of good health and a really good way. According to the Swedish researcher's conclusions, a healthy 40-year-old man, it should be within 28 minutes at the end of three kilometers, equivalent to normal walking stride of 134 steps per minute.
7. The balance of muscle strength

Most men keen to allow the muscles to do excessive extrapolation exercise, such as push-ups, and really balance the power of a Man with a relatively small. Ideal situation is, his biceps and triceps strength ratio should be 1:1, that is to say, if he can open 25 kilograms of tension device 10 times, it should be able to open 25 kilograms of thrust device 10 times; his quadriceps and hamstring strength ratio should be 3:2, that is, if he can leg lift 30 kg weight 10 times, you can use leg weights just 20 kilograms screwdown 10 times. If after this test, he found his muscle strength imbalance, then please exercise the power to strengthen the weaker muscles.

8. The ratio of symmetry of the skull

Clinically, the face width is the length of 60% for the best. This standard head has not only looks handsome men, but also to the respiratory tract, lower jaw and teeth of the disease also has very good immunity. Not only that, his popularity will be very good, even the children will also put him as a "good uncle" to close. Get him on tape to measure: the first step in measuring the chin and the distance between parietal (length); the second step measuring the distance between his two ears (width), and then use the width divided by length, then 100 minus the figure. For example, if his face 23 centimeters long, 14 centimeters wide, then 14 ÷ 23 = 0.61, which is 60%, 100% -60% = 40%.

9. Express Gradeability

Medical experts said: " 'Bruce program' is the heart of the power of a test method, the most accurate, but also the most ruthless." Make it very easy to allow him to walk on treadmill at gradually increasing the treadmill gradient, until no longer Fixed step forward. "The majority of 30-40 year-old be able to insist Man 9 minutes, 12 minutes can achieve a very remarkable." Expert concluded. And our standards even higher: 15 minutes, that means a very good cardiovascular health.

Can be copied to the home of the trial, but if he had the heart problem must be with the consent of the doctors agreed that the testing exercise intensity sufficient to trigger a heart attack. Ways are: take the lead at the level treadmill, the speed is 5 km / h; then gradually increase the gradient, each 5 cm height three minutes (if you can not adjust the treadmill inclination can also be used every three minutes an increase of 1.5 km / h to replace). Most men in good health and took seven minutes began to sweat.

10. Will line penetration pinhole, a successful

This means that he has very good depth perception and three-dimensional sensitivity. If he does not wear on the needle, or when the total take could not play ball, go ophthalmologists should consider there to do a test Titmus ----- measurement of three-dimensional resolving power of the eyes can be diagnosed with amblyopia. In addition, annual eye examinations are also required in particular to do about glaucoma testing. Glaucoma is a result in increased intraocular pressure and eye disease to undermine the world's one billion people because there is no timely diagnosis of glaucoma and vision is gradually lost, we can see this check is necessary.
11. About perfect symmetry

Take soft-foot measure him by the wrist, ears and nostrils of the perimeter. If these places symmetrical, or at 1 mm difference, he is a born athlete Liverpool 50 male scientists made a study found that those who are most well-proportioned body of a Man fastest. Body more balanced, intense exercise to do at the time of self-control it better.

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