Monday, March 30, 2009

You should tell men of your six demand

Forever a woman not to make a puppet of love, because love should not lose ourselves, to love in the firm themselves, let each other know What do you want, rather than giving no choice.

Women should tell a Man of the six demand

1. Valuables are not present, but rather in good faith

From a woman's point of view, the best are those who present a more balanced, instead of those flashy exaggerated. Husband has a special collection of Valentine's cards, at any time to the wife, when she in a bad mood, he had a card that may be found on her place, which makes her very pleased.

2. Many women afraid of their own not enough pretty true

Women required specific praise: "I enjoy the Hair Style" or "you put on red clothes look good." Such words of praise can encourage women to pay attention to her dress, so that has been nourishing love.

3. Women also attaches great importance to job

Women want their husband or boyfriend, attaches great importance to their work, such as the importance they attached to their same job. Talk about each wife her own job, the husband should be ears to listen. Needless to say, because of better communication in this regard, and their feelings will be more and more profound.

4. Woman Man patience required to listen to her speak

Men talk is to examine the eyes of questions, the debate right and wrong ways to find a solution. In order to achieve this end, he may be repeatedly interrupted by a woman, then asked her to "understand" what he meant. However, women prefer men to listen to friendly, and they are always reluctant to express their views, they would say stop until felt so comfortable restore.

5. A woman is not like a men falling in love so easily

Woman mate, they usually attach more importance to the various practical factors. Woman may be an urgent need love, but their hearts are still spaces at Ask the Expert Evaluation: This Man reliable? Therefore, in addition to the attention of Men hair, clothes and manners endures, but also has a generous and faithful Benevolence reliable character.

6. Women want to become friends with her husband

A woman of hope and her husband considered the status of the same people, respect for her strengths, tolerance Her disadvantage, and hope she can also do that to him. Easy to say that she needs a friend, lover, her partner know.

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