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Not the result of eight doomed love

"Time can change everything!" This is not false, but on love, you have to weigh weigh. If you are now trying to change your embarrassing situation, the following eight kinds of cases for your reference. Not the outcome of love, the hands-off as soon as possible or right.

First, do you care about each other more

You love, do not determine each other's ideas; you think you are right, he seemed to take exception to; he is not when you want him, when you do not like him no difference What does that mean?

"They do not of one mind, how can one peer do?" Sometimes there will be a party to the case of love the other more, if the feelings in sound, there will be the turn of the phenomenon, the two take turns playing the pursuit and the pursuit of the role; However, if there is a party to the pursuit of those who always play, so that feelings do not sound a long time go, you will love thirst, you will feel aggrieved by the other control, you will feel angry, cheated, suffering.

Second, you are the love of each other's potential

You are the love of each other's potential, rather than the other side really looks like, you love each other are the possible future looks like, then he is not your partner, but you are the object of transformation.

Each time we make pre-marriage counseling will ask, if the other half will not change, you will be satisfied with it? If you always wanted to change each other, feel satisfied with, then it would not be love, but gambling with stakes as both sides happy.

Your dealings with a person, to love and respect each other's Nature, rather than his future look like, you can expect him to continue to grow, but you must be satisfied with him now.

Third, you want to assist each other

You often feel sorry for each other? Do you think they have a responsibility to help each other's heart? If you are not afraid to leave the other side, he would not stand against? If so, I am afraid you are a "rescue fanatic."

"Rescue mad" not to find a suitable object, but rather to find a sympathy he can help the target. Find a trained trauma, fragile and dependent, not loved, aggrieved person, you love by the pity of Health, he will feel grateful to you, so that the feelings like a rescue mission, rather than a sound, balanced feeling.

The key to remember here is "respect", you must be the object of love is that you be able to respect people, you must be proud of each other, your partner not to rescue you, but you really know him.

Fourth, put the other side as the object of worship

Fall in love with young female star director, Fall in love with college professors, secretaries ... ... Fall in love with the boss, Fall in love with the object of worship, such feelings find it difficult to maintain normal, because between the two men can not be treated equally.

Both men and women must be treated equally, I am not referring to the status, but attitude, should not over-worship each other. Fall in love with objects of worship will be by the people, usually self-confidence is low, they feel very bad.

Fifth, your only other appearance to attract

Each person will do, right? If you find yourself to be each other's deeply attracted to a trait, we must ask ourselves if there is no other pair of blue eyes, magnetic voice ... ... that if the models are not and will not ... ... Play basketball, I also will talk to his (her) with it? The appearance of a Man is the primary productive force.

Sixth, the short-term overnight Get along with the opportunity to

You and each other to share a job, usually have to work overtime, so you think ... ... Fall in love with each other. You go on vacation for three weeks, also came to recognize a holiday Men, you feel as if fall in love ... .... Get along with short-term day and night means that in exceptional circumstances at a piece of hash is not conventional, this feeling will not last long, because short-term day and night to get along and can not make you completely understand each other's personality.

Seventh, in order to select this object only treason

Parent with you always stressed the need to find a rich object, but you are poor wretch every boyfriend; childhood Parent Strict discipline on you, but you are not every girlfriend; childhood father remainding, Chuan-incense are the most important thing, but your girlfriend is not incapable, that is, do not wish to Health ... ...

If you selected the object, always angry parents, it is possible that you just want to treason, do you think that they must prove anything to fight back, when you can not control their own choices, you are not truly love each other, this feeling is doomed no results .

Eight, the other side is not free

This point of my stay to the end because it simply should not be regarded as emotional. Choose Life as the first premise is - the other side are "free." "Free" is free and your contacts, not married, not engaged, there is no fixed object exchanges, and others did not go to bed, single, only you and people contacts.

If you are a Man Fall in love with that promised to break up earlier and another woman; or He said he did not love that woman, that you love him; him the original object or accept your existence, they do not intend to break up, but he would like some time with you; or he had just parted, but it may re-together ... ... These are not free.

Other and married or have targeted people exchanges, whatever the pretext, the results are the same, you are doomed to heartbreak. Do not forget, you are just another person to receive part of unspent money.

Choose the right in your hands and duty at you, you picked the right person. If you have contacts the object, and you are referred to above, one of eight kinds of feelings, go to counseling, not to waste time, there are better waiting for you at the object.

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