Monday, March 30, 2009

Through a letter will know who you likes

Assuming you have one day received a confidential letter, love letter or letters may also be an informer, a word on the lovers do not want to know, then you will be where the possession of this letter? Possession of a letter you actually place the type of object is closely related to your favorite!
Through a letter will know who you likes
A. wardrobe
B. at the end of mattress
C. Photo Frame
D. books
E. pot pie

The answer A: clean and tidy than days. If you think of the first hidden in the closet, on behalf of the people enjoy a clean and tidy, do not you ask him to dress fashionable, keep abreast of the trend, just want him not to care about one's appearance, a focus on personal hygiene, clothing clean and tidy, especially easy to discuss favor you, advise you of a great importance to clean when interesting people, or with more time to observe well, carefully clean him into addiction, a person who has obsessive, when you will be too censorious of him.

Answer B: open the opposite sex to be very attractive. Do not think that enjoy the secret letters hidden in a mattress, the representatives you love to enjoy some of your favorite people, in fact, imply that you are enjoy a more active, passion has motivated the opposite sex. Since mattresses are more private objects, hidden feelings you put in that, on behalf of you being introverted, and people not accustomed to sharing feelings you desire at this stage you have a character of the opposite sex into the world of you, let him change you, will you point the world becomes colorful.

Answer C: artists are your favorite types. Secret letters hidden in a photo frame with you to express art, music, strong interest, and a very high sensitivity of the arts, you want to have a same interest in the arts of the opposite sex have to share with you their experiences so artistic talent, or artists people have the temperament, the most you can attract attention. Many points you may wish to take part in arts activities, with the aid of these cultures to get to know the ideal heterosexual activity, but also you can increase the cultivation of literature and art, do both.

Answer D: extensive knowledge most important. Books are a symbol of knowledge, if you will be important letters into the book, on behalf of you the hearts of the most important knowledge. You own thirst for knowledge, curiosity are strong, and the things around us to keep curiosity, so hope to see with a broad range of people falling in love. With him, you learn more new things, gain a better understanding of the world. Appearance or wealth is not the question you are most concerned about, the most important thing is to want him as a scholar.

Answer E: most of you echocardiography study of eating there is. Impression that the essential object put into the tank of cake people are older, if you also consider the letters on the cake the tank, on behalf of you thought quite conservative, cautious work to the principle without detailed plans You will not be hasty action. The most interesting is that you do not require the other half with you, like stability, you are only required him to eat there is a study of the opposite sex, for where there is better to eat the best back of his hand, you can review the favor.

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