Monday, March 2, 2009

Ten types of physical symptoms may be early signs of cancer

Living in the majority of people do not mind the physical symptoms, resulting in a lot of illness missed the best timing of treatment. Everyone is talking about the mere mention of cancer present, there are ten signals required vigilance.

1. In the breast, skin, tongue or any part of the body appears to reach the tumor mass or less.

2. Physical change in wart or mole, such as the color deepens, increased itching, ulcers and other status.

3. Persistent dyspepsia.

4. Have choke when swallowing food flu, pain, nausea bulging sternum discomfort, has esophageal foreign body sensation.

5. Tinnitus, hearing loss, stuffy nose, headache, aspiration of nasopharyngeal secretions expectorate blood.

6. Menstrual period abnormal bleeding, menstrual periods irregular or postmenopausal vaginal bleeding.

7. Persistent hoarseness, dry cough or bloody sputum.

8. Have unexplained blood and mucus stool or diarrhea, constipation or alternating unexplained hematuria.

9. Physical long-term treatment of non-healing wounds or ulcers.

10. A long time, Unexplained weight loss situation.

As if the physical symptoms, do not effect as soon as possible to go to the hospital examination, the aim of early prevention, early detection, early treatment.

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