Saturday, March 21, 2009

Secret British study, "cry the children have milk to eat"

According to British "Daily Mail" website reported: the United Kingdom, "Journal of the Royal Society series B" published a study said, the mother of the baby to cry for a scene of compromise, in fact, are the result of human evolution.

Each person to do their parents perhaps are familiar with this kind of feeling, crying hysterically when the children, who also revealed his aversion to strangers, they would have to compromise to the small guy.

Similar behavior also appears in the primate relatives, human body. British academics on a study of rhesus monkeys have shown that, when children may be outside the threat of violence and tears, the females will be breast-feeding way of comforting them.

British evolutionary anthropologist, Roehampton University, Stewart Sampo doctor and his colleagues of 11 Living in Peru Keijo Santiago Rhesus Monkey Island on the mother had a 4 month observation. It was found that when baby monkeys crying, if the offensive side there is the presence of the Monkey, at 81.8 percent of cases, females will be progressive nipple baby's mouth. Threatening others is not too great or the mother alone and close to within two meters there are no other monkeys, the crying baby monkeys have separately 53.5% and 39.4% of the possibility of consolation nipple.

Human behavior research also showed that parents in public than in private more accessible to the crying child row compromise.

Sampo doctor claimed that the child's crying should be an evolution of human behavior. Mother and son at constant contradictions and conflicts, in the course of a child this way, human beings can live long. The study proved that the others potential or actual attacks on the mother and child will have an impact on the exchange interaction.

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