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Beauty attention, and careful to eat more and grow more

A lot of women want to be able to fair skin, and most of the people also want to eat more points will know vitamin C rich foods, such as strawberries, tomatoes, guavas, kiwifruit, cherries in fruit and vegetables and so on. However, we do not know who the original whitening want to try some of the best food to eat less, then you know you want to whitening should not have nothing to eat? Are in fact true that some things should not eat too much.

1. Eat less beef, lamb, pork, offal, chicken, turkey, duck.

Since these foods are rich in two amino acids: tyrosine and phenylalanine, two amino acids, the formation of melanin are the main nutrients, not to eat the amount of melanin in the manufacture of raw materials or more than one, it will be easier to make the skin black, so the seafood category is a relatively safe food.

2. Carrot, papaya contains high levels of β-carotene, eating too much will cause yellowing of the skin.

β-carotene can be converted into vitamin A, has a good antioxidant effect, but in doing so they will eat too much skin yellow hair, so carrot and papaya, you can eat but not to want too much attention, such as when cooking add a little carrot color can be, but every day they drink several cups carrot juice a bit too far.

3. Deal with lemon, celery, carrots, basil and then have to remember that clean hands.

These ingredients contain light-sensitive material, if there is no residue to clean at the hands of exposure to sunlight will cause allergic skin redness, pigmentation will leave it. Clinical often encountered on our squeeze lemon juice, resulting in very sick black hands, that is, because squeezing the lemon, and afterwards there is no clean and put hand caused by exposure to sunlight. That is not to eat these foods are also easier to darken the skin it? Basically, as long as the sun during the day and there is no relationship, and lemon are also rich in vitamin C, ah, do not eat too bad, is not it?

Want to eat out of good skin, as long as the master over the principles of practice, I believe over time it definitely will give you a good complexion!

Beauty Q & A

Q: want to make skin white point, are not to eat white food? Someone say "soy sauce to eat many of the skin will darken," Yes Really?

A: If you eat white things will pale skin, something to eat and the skin will darken, then many are not eating the fruit should be turned into Shrek? Eat many small blue-mei, it should become blue elf? did not, right?

Therefore, the use of food color to determine whether the impact of color, and there is no medical basis, but ate too many carrots and papaya, the skin will turn yellow, it is true. Want whitening stop food color depth is not important, the most important thing is sunscreen thoroughly.

Small secret beauty trick:

Beauty in your skin diet principles can be set up such a provision "only eat fresh food", sometimes a little break, ate the event should not eat junk food, you can eat at the same day more fruit than usual This will stop put preservatives to fruit antioxidants to a balanced look. Of course, each person can have their own methods, as long as they abide the foundation must be able to become a white beauty.

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