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Fruit color determined the anti-cancer effect

Fruit color determined the anti-cancer effectDo not think that only the green fruit and vegetables can prevent cancer. The United States study found that some scientists, some containing garnet, purple and blue pigments of natural fruits and vegetables, is the real defender of anti-cancer effects of food are much better than the green.
Scientists at eggplant, purple cabbage and vegetables and fruits such as mulberry, the discovery of a natural pigment, they can play in restricting the effectiveness of cancer cell growth. This natural pigment antioxidants belong to the category of terms for the major anthocyanins. These pigments can not easily be absorbed by the body, then follow the blood flow, intestinal arrive from the stomach, where they were fully absorbed the surrounding tissue. Was not part of absorbing pigment to continue down the exercise, the end of intestinal arrival. Scientists believe that this exercise is a natural pigment with anti-cancer efficacy of the key and the reason why.
The United States Ohio State University professor of plant nutrition Monica Guest from a variety of vegetables and fruits at home and abroad, the extraction of the dark red, blue and purple colors, and put them into a human colon cancer cells containing the test bottle calculated found that purple corn contains the anthocyanins can fight off cancer cells by up to 50%, and the wild cherry, mulberry and anthocyanins in radish, can kill at least 1 / 3 of cancer. And scholars give feeding mice with colon cancer from mulberry and wild cherry anthocyanins, found that the mice and did not take more than the former reduced the colon tumor around 70%.
Anti-cancer vegetables listAnti-cancer vegetables list

Eat vegetables have a certain anti-cancer effect, but there is little in the end such a role? Japan's National Institute for cancer prevention through research and many experiments, selected 20 kinds of cancer have a significant inhibitory effect of the vegetables, one in the sweet potatoes are cooked. Secondly, there are asparagus, cabbage, sweet pepper, carrots and so on.
Vegetables, some substances can block the development of cancerVegetables, some substances can block the development of cancer

Scientists in previous studies, the proposed model for the development of cancer, namely cancer and the promotion stages of start-up phase. Often short-lived start-up phase are not reversible. Radiation, toxic chemicals and other elements under the influence of carcinogenic substances, the body lay the seeds of cancer; the promotion stage is repeated by the role of promoter factor, as long as ten years and even years before they cause cancer.
The experiments show that the development of cancer at these two stages, through the involvement of some chemical substances, can block cancer cell growth, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention. Japanese studies have indicated that the nutritional content of vegetables and certain plant chemicals, carcinogens and can play a significant inhibitory effect factor promoter.
Different vegetables, different cancerDifferent vegetables, different cancer

Researchers found that sweet potato contains a hydrogen DHEA is called the chemical substances that can be used for the prevention of colon cancer and breast cancer. Tomatoes contain lycopene can promote a number of anti-cancer, anti-cancer role of cytokine secretion, activation of lymphocyte dissolution of cancer cells. At the same time, it is also very strong antioxidants, may kill the human body can cause free radicals in aging. Many studies have shown that adequate intake of lycopene may reduce prostate cancer, breast cancer, such as the incidence of cancer, and gastric cancer, lung cancer has a preventive role.
Brassica vegetables contain glucosinolate compounds of grape glycosides, for the human body can play a role in the detoxification enzyme, has a role in induction. Usually fit for human consumption, can prevent gastric cancer, lung cancer, the incidence of esophageal cancer and colon cancer. Carrots, pumpkin and other vegetables in the carotene is able to clear the body of free radicals, prevent the occurrence of lung cancer. Green vegetables, red vegetables contain flavonoids, compounds can significantly enhance macrophage function in vivo, enhance the body immunity, there is also a strong anti-cancer efficacy.
In addition, eating garlic usually can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 30%. Wild rice stem, celery and other vegetables are rich in fiber, into the intestinal tract, may speed up the emptying of chyme one of the speed of toxic substances to reduce food retention time in the intestine and promote excretion of bile acids in the prevention of colorectal cancer extremely useful.

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