Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A peanut every day life to stay away from peanut allergy

According to well-known health web Physorg reports, the United States Duke University Medical Center and Arkansas Children's Hospital recently announced that a group of treatment of childhood peanut allergy test results. The experiments show that moderate consumption of peanut every day allows children to produce antibodies and immune for life.

Duke University children's allergies and immune Wesley Burks, director of early start in five years ago, concerned about the children's allergies. The experiment brought together more than 30 children allergic to peanuts, at the initial stage of the experiment, the researchers give these children a day to provide only one-sixth the size of peanuts, but there is still an allergic reaction. Sustained at six months after the experiment, these children can be consumed daily 13-15 without peanut allergy has emerged.

The experiment proved that human beings can quickly build up of certain substances in the immune tolerance, which also give countless parents and children to stay away from peanut allergy threat to his life's hope.

It has around four million Americans have allergic reactions to food, and one of the most common allergy is to nuts. In the United States, 150 people a year die from food allergies, and more than half of the people are dying of peanut allergy.

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Allergies suck, don't they?
I Hate Allergies, I really hate this rigt now.
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