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Legs short people susceptible to the three diseases

To measure a person's body is standard, the length of the legs is essential. Big long legs compared to their handsome and tall and straight, short legs is inevitable that some people ashamed of themselves. Make matters worse, not only affects the body short legs, but also may affect health. This seems incredible, but the truth is true. In recent years, several studies have proved that shorter legs than the other person more vulnerable to people suffering from certain diseases. Short legs are required to have attention.

Short legs of people suffering from the high risk of liver disease
The United Kingdom, "Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health," recently published study reported that short legs of people suffering from liver disease are more at risk. From the University of Bristol UK researchers surveyed 23 towns in the United Kingdom 4300 60-79 year-old woman, surveying the participants and the entire height of the leg length, and to take their blood samples to detect the four kinds of liver enzymes : ALT, GGT, ALP and AST. It was found that short legs of the women's four kinds of liver enzyme levels higher and more susceptible to liver problems; In contrast, the more elderly legs liver enzymes levels lower. The researchers speculated that this may be related to developmental stages by the people at the impact.

Legs short people prone to diabetes
The United States Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, researchers at "Diabetes Care" magazine on the author pointed out that short legs are more susceptible to diabetes. Group found that more short height, shorter leg and the leg length and relatively low weight women and men, the percentage of body fat are at a higher level, more people than any other hair diabetes.

And the United Kingdom University of Bristol researchers in "Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health," published on a similar opinion. Researchers more than 2500 at the age of 45-59 year-old men to carry out an investigation, collecting blood samples and measuring the length of its legs, and then on the health status of these subjects had a 15-year follow-up observation, and its undergo a medical examination.The results showed that short legs of people susceptible to insulin resistance in diabetes, namely, the early type Ⅱ diabetes mellitus. In addition these people the body's blood lipids, such as cholesterol and higher triglyceride levels, blood clotting factor, such as higher fibrinogen levels. The researchers pointed out that even though not yet clear why the length of the legs with diabetes, but the length of the legs can reflect childhood nutrition, short legs of people with diabetes in adulthood and the risk of obesity at puberty before they may have latent down.

Short legs on the people susceptible to heart disease
UK University of Bristol to another study to prove the length of the legs and heart disease risk of contact exist. Kate Tirin doctor and his colleagues analyzed at more than 12,000 at 44 years of age to 65 for men and women between the ages of the relevant data, by comparing the found that more than a short person's legs, legs of people suffering from heart disease and stroke The corresponding danger is much lower.

Another Doctor of the University research team found that short legs of women susceptible to heart disease. Researchers more than 4,000 between the ages of 60-year-old to 79-year-old British women between the survey found that adult leg length are the eating habits of childhood and the environment as well as the prevalence rate of coronary artery disease indicators. Women in the survey, nearly 700 people heart problems, but also between their legs from 74.6 to 75.3 cm between. Do not have symptoms of female legs at about 75.8 to 76.0 cm between. The study also showed that tall men with higher risk of heart disease low.

The study will undoubtedly make people feel uneasy, but the short legs of the people no need for this panic. Of health has never been an easy, safe and dangerous Forever is only relative. "Nothing", while short legs can not change the truth, but the day after tomorrow can improve fitness, such as adjusting diet and increasing exercise, have short legs who can help to reduce that risk for their health get more active. This is perhaps a good thing.

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