Sunday, March 1, 2009

135 grapes a day may not be a heart attack?

Researcher found that: grapes can reduce the high salt diet and hypertension in mice can improve heart function.

University of Michigan, the heart of the protection of laboratory Mitchell Seymour said the discovery proved that apart from fruit and vegetable-rich diet have lower blood pressure, the grape contains a substance on the heart also has a direct role in angiogenesis.

In this study, some mice are consumed by the red, green and the grapes produced from the grape powder and high-salt diet. Other mice are grape powder consumption and low-salt diet. After 18 weeks, the consumption of grape powder diet rat blood pressure than non-consumption of grape powder mice with low blood pressure, heart function better and less inflammatory reaction, less myocardial injury at the same time. While the consumption of high-salt diet intake of the mice in the grape powder, the blood pressure decreased, heart failure is reduced.

University of Michigan Steven Pollin said, grapes, green tea, cocoa powder and tomato in flavonoids can reduce blood pressure. While in other studies, flavonoids have been detected in the heart health benefits.

Because in the experiment, the mice diet of grape powder diet the total content of 1 / 3. Well, for humans, every day around 9 times required to eat grapes, each of about 15.

It has been found in the "Journal of Gerontology - Biological Sciences" published.

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