Saturday, March 7, 2009

Human body language can reflect the social status

Human body language can reflect the social statusFun science site a few days ago the United States reported that a new study shows that a person's body language can show a rich person. In conversation with others, with higher socio-economic status of people it appears that the more insolent.

University of California at Berkeley psychologist Michael Krauss and Darce Krturner captured by the camera 100 undergraduate students to talk face-to-face lens. Any one university students are not aware of each other. Researchers from each group for the interception of a minute of dialogue content, were studied during the dialogue on the other side can show that the degree of interest in body language.

The results showed that their parents have a higher socio-economic status of students more researchers have described as "discourteous" behavior, such as combing hair, slapping dust, absently, such as graffiti and restless. And their parents that students with lower status are more shows that "I am interested in" posture, including laughing and raised his eyebrows.

Fragment at 60 seconds, the status of their parents with higher average student's attention for two seconds each object will be next to attract the past, while the lower status of their parents of students is almost the whole focus. The former is also easy move to and fro like hair, while the latter did not. However, the latter an average of every two seconds will be nodding, laughing and raised his eyebrows, while the former is virtually non-existent.

Klaus explained that this comes down to our "animal nature" trend. Like a peacock's tail, like their parents with higher socio-economic status of students arrogant body language, show that modern society version of "I am Aerobics" and "I do not need you" and other meanings.

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