Monday, March 2, 2009

Have a glass of red wine a day may increase the chance of cancer

Have a glass of red wine a day may increase the chance of cancer According to British "Daily Mail" reported February 18, according to a recent French study showed that drinking a glass of red wine day can increase the cancer risk of up to 168%.

It is generally accepted that drinking a small amount of red wine a day can promote health, the French National Cancer Institute experts in the study have come to diametrically opposed results, shocking. Experts warn that even a small amount of alcohol can also be a substantial increase in cancer risk. Cancer Research Institute, Dominique kema Granic (transliteration) further pointed out that drinking a small amount of red wine a day is the most hazardous to health behavior.

Studies have shown that drinking a daily glass of red wine, half a pint of beer or spirits, make oral or laryngeal cancer risk increased 168%, colon cancer risk increased by 9%. The study also believe that apart from tobacco, the alcohol can be avoided are the second largest cause of death.
However, last year published in "Neurology" magazine on a separate study that moderate drinking of people suffering from the risk of dementia than those who do not drink low 85 percent, but consumption of more than 500 grams of red meat people suffering from colon cancer risk, he walks very high, substantial salt intake may also increase the risk of gastric cancer.

However, regardless of whether alcohol actually increased cancer risk, readers must be clear of cancer depends on many factors, there is no any kind of diet can eliminate the risk of cancer. However, the substantial consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid alcohol, smoking and regular exercise is a significant reduction in cancer risk Fujio rules.

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Debbie said...

I hadn't read this study. I'm not happy about that!

Suldog said...

This is why I pay no attention whatsoever to these types of reports. One day it is one result, the next day a different result. So, I just smoke and drink and eat and whatever happens, happens.

skywind said...

Debbie saz... Need not be too mind, after all, this is only the results of a study of scientists. Aim is to remind us that we must pay attention to our own health.

Suldog saz... We should not have been some conflicting findings Mislead Sciences. But this should not disregard our own health.

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