Thursday, March 19, 2009

11 kinds of relationship between personality and disease

According to British "Daily Mail" reported that new research shows that the importance of personality characteristics than to imagine a future state of health of people play a key role. People always think that a person as if the performance is full of hostility, lack of patience of the A-type personality, more susceptible to heart disease ... ...

But recently, researchers found that from gastric ulcer, viral infections to Alzheimer's disease, various diseases are related to the existence of personality characteristics inextricably linked. The following experts are listed in 11 kinds of personality characteristics and the correlation between various diseases and see what kind of diseases you the prevention you!

Impulse-type: The most susceptible to the disease are gastric ulcer. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health researchers found 4,000 people, impulsive character of the people have the risk of gastric ulcers than other people a high 2.4 times.

Happily-type: a study by the University of California, the results are staggering --- the joy of happily-type character of the person more vulnerable to short-lived. A theoretical explanation is that people underestimate the livelihood of such risks, unexpected events occur, they are more likely loss.

Type of anxiety: anxiety disorders will you increase the risk of suffering from high blood pressure 3 times. The United States Northern Arizona University study found that this may be related to stress-related hormone. In addition, fear of high-risk sexual anxiety disorder such as fear of women, have heart disease, high blood pressure and greater risk of high blood cholesterol.

Attack: a study in Scotland and England to an American study found that people more vulnerable to attack chronic inflammation and atherosclerosis, thus increasing the risk of heart disease. In addition, suffering from a cyclical depression, greater risk of ... ...

Shy type: University of California study found that shy people more vulnerable to social virus.

Optimist: University of California study found that compared with the ordinary people, positive people on average 7.5 years longer life expectancy. Psychological stress optimist small, less pathological changes happen and chronic pain.

Distressed type: The character of the person prone to emotional problems, but they do suppress their emotions, thus susceptible to cancer and heart disease. Harvard University study found that depressed-type character of the people due to a higher risk of coronary heart disease deaths.

Responsible type: University of California study found that people who are good at avoiding risk, but also keep healthy behavior, and therefore live longer. University of Nottingham study found that more people stay healthy blood pressure and blood lipids.

Nervous type: University of California study found that such a person easy to get asthma, headaches, stomach ulcers and heart disease.

Export-oriented: the University of Milan, Italy, found that this person is very similar with the optimist, he walks very low incidence of heart disease 15 percent, not prone to infection, faster recovery after illness. However, Japan Yamagata University School of Medicine study found that such a person than the nervous type of person more prone to obesity.

Pessimistic type: This character has always been considered to be the most detrimental to health. Type compared with the optimistic, pessimistic type of premature deaths, 19% high risk. American researchers found that people prone to Parkinson's syndrome in the future ... ...

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