Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring is the season of vigorous cell proliferation, prevention of recurrence has coup

Spring by the cold climate warming, the natural development of bio-initiation at the same time, the spring of cancer patients in vivo tumor cell growth and proliferation of abnormal strong, when the growth rate of tumor cells beyond the clinical treatment and the immune system beyond the control of speed, can easily lead to tumor recurrence and metastasis. In addition, a variety of bacteria, viruses, growth and reproduction active, easily penetrated the patient, leading to tumor immune function in patients with a significant drop in tumor recurrence and metastasis as well as provide an objective conditions, but also a lot of patients fall into a difficult situation. Cancer patients do the safe degree of spring?

Accommodation should be the law: as soon as possible to sleep, get up as soon as possible, often outdoor, tree-lined trail, such as fresh air and Events Department.

Strengthening of physical exercise: the spring is the golden season of physical exercise, physical activity can make the body smooth blood, increase body mass.

Attention should be paid to warm cold: spring climate variability, coupled with a winter cover people, metabolic function is weak, can not quickly adjust body temperature, such as clothing thin, a bit negligent on the susceptibility of disease and endanger health.

Diet should be light: avoid too much acid, Shibuya, greasy, cold, especially not many big Xin Jin Tai's hot products, such as ginseng, dried, spirits, etc., help to avoid hot fire. Advised to eat more protein, minerals, vitamins (especially B vitamins)-rich foods, especially vegetables, lean meat, soy products, eggs and so on.

Many fresh mushrooms and vegetables: some edible fungi such as mushrooms, mushrooms, straw mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps fungi, such as regularly consumed, can enhance human immunity, enabling the virus in vivo inhibition of proliferation, inhibition of tumor proliferation in vivo.

Maintain the optimistic, cheerful attitude: Mental conditioning should be open-minded, optimistic sentiment, Yu Jie, anger to support, making the blood smooth, exuberant spirit.

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