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So that the top ten reasons for you to get fat Ranking

Mastered the following several reasons, as long as you take a detour, coupled with sustained exercise, obesity is not a problem farewell.

1. Sweets.

Likes to eat sweet tempting cookies and chocolate almost every woman's love, although his belly full, but why can not change the face color center is not the big jump up? Sweets which contained sugar, rice or bread than the complex sugar digestion faster, stay in the stomach is very short, will soon feel hungry after eating. If long-term fasting consumption will lead to a vicious circle. Furthermore, if the sugar in the blood increased rapidly, it will have a substantial manufacturing fat insulin, so people will be obese.

2. Fruit.

Fruit not only for the human body can provide vitamins and minerals, but also, it likes to eat fruit is wrong? In fact, the fruits and sweets with the simple sugar, eat many of course can lead to obesity. An apple and a bowl of rice calories or less the same calories, eating two apple Do not care, but if eat 2 bowls of rice will allow the beauty of a woman Scream. So apples, oranges and other fruits to the two day limit.

3. Dinner devoured.

Devoured fast food, will unknowingly put up the big lead to stomach. The human brain to convey the "full" instructions are at 20-30 minutes after the meal, but not in the brain are devoured before they eat, they would result in excessive eating. Also, while watching television also eat insidious edge Eating too much. Some people rely on one meal a day lose weight, although a month may cut as many as a few kilograms, but it will damage the body.

4. Habitually lose weight.

There is lot of people constantly surprise lose weight in the short term, and then could not bear the pain of lose weight and then give up, always the case if suddenly suddenly fat thin, cycle back and forth, at first glance Get Fit For those who think that, in fact, the body fat rate is continuing to increase, this is the so-called "stealth fat." Typically, weight loss, the fat will be reduced, together with the muscle, but increase the weight again, it will only increase the fat and not increase the muscle. Therefore, in repeated acts lose weight, and will unwittingly allow fat storage of the many stocking.

5. Horrible menstrual cycles.

Women who can not resist the physiological period, there is no very effective control method. Before women will have varying degrees of irritability, drowsiness, such as Anopheles eating phenomenon, which is the "PMS" At this time, there is irresistible because of hunger and eating and drinking, because inability and lack of exercise fatigue, but also a corresponding increase, which grew fat unknowingly.

6. Trouble.

Emotional setbacks due to pressure of work or no troubleshooting is often easy to gain the upper hand from the food, especially sweet to eat greasy food, these foods can give a very strong comfort and satisfaction, in order to eliminate the stress led to an excessive amount of people eating a lot of true. But whether someone will trouble them as an excuse for overeating?

7. Supper.

To sleep immediately after meals will lead to obesity. Stomach at night because of high physical activity, nutrient absorption in the body stocking. Some people develop a habit of late night, not only adequate supper, and after a meal to eat a snack then a reason to get up the next day when there will be no appetite to eat breakfast, lunch has to deal with so-so, by the evening will focus on a enough to eat many months, so a long time become "fat ball."
8. Lack of exercise.

Not bother to move because the cold winter, will become slow sympathetic, and on energy consumption will decline, excess body fat into energy stocking up, and thus easier to obesity.

9. Snack.

Can not resist the temptation to snack, but lead to long-fat snacks are the culprit, delicious but not necessarily nutritious. Snacks and sweets same very high heat, heat a bag of potato chips is almost equivalent to a calorie meals!

10. Season.

Is it true simply because winter and easy to get fat? In fact, outside the house because of the cold are not step by step home, or step does not leave with snacks caused by television. In addition, the winter of loose, thick clothing is also one of the reasons for people to relax a nervous feeling fat and vigilance, so fat one up every day.

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Eating all foods in moderation is best, combined with exercise!

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Hehe...yes, Gran.

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