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The most unreliable method of contraception

Rhythm method of contraception refers to the husband and wife during the sexual life, when the man is about to enter the sexual climax of the moment is about to interrupt intercourse ejaculation quickly out of the penis, the semen in the woman outside the vagina, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception. This is an ancient method of contraception, in the past at the lack of contraceptives, the civil society has a lot of people using this method of contraception.

Coitus interruptus

Although the rhythm method of contraception is simple, but it is not reliable, a higher failure rate. The causes of the failure is that the man at the penis out of the vagina before has a small amount of semen into the vagina.Since the forthcoming ejaculation, and ejaculation is a coherent action between the two separated by a very short time, most men can not accurately grasp the opportunity, which is about to reach orgasm at the time, should not in time out of the penis from the vagina, so that the initial injection of semen into the female's vagina, which is part of semen of sperm number and so easily lead to pregnancy. This is caused by coitus the main reasons for contraceptive failure.

Secondly, men tend to happen at ejaculation action before there is a small number of sperm entering the vagina. This is the accumulation of sperm in the vas deferens, in the process of sexual excitement, with the contraction of the vas deferens, into its first Optional urethra, with urethral discharge and then spilled into the vagina.

Cleaning Vagina

Vagina cleaning, that is sexual intercourse, the female immediately with water or other liquid vaginal washing to put away the body's semen, thus avoiding pregnancy. This method is not reliable, because the scope of washing only for vagina, but at pre-rinse, a lot of sperm may have reached the cervix and uterus.

In addition, if the use of disinfectant to wash Vagina syrup is very dangerous, because if the concentration of poor deployment may cause burns or inflammation.

Rhythm method

The so-called rhythm is defined as female ovulation period and the sperm, the egg in the female reproductive Daoli survival time, estimated non-pregnancy period, sexual intercourse was on the selection at this time, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception. In general, the eggs can survive from 1-2 days, the sperm in the female reproductive Daoli can survive 2-3 days, so at 2-3 days before ovulation, and sexual intercourse 1-2 days after ovulation, it is possible to conceive, This period is called easy pregnancy.Ovulation and ovarian generally at 14-day period before and after 2 days, so rhythm for around 10 days after menstruation, and menstruation 20 days after the first until the next menstrual, menstrual Vietnam near distance, the greater the possibility of contraception.

However, this projection method is often unreliable, because female ovulation time by the external environment, climate, my emotions, as well as health status and other factors, and thus give rise to delay or advance of ovulation, and may have additional ovulation happened. In addition, the sperm and egg in the female reproductive Daoli the longest survival time is also not the final conclusion, therefore, rhythm can not be considered accurate, and therefore unsafe Say rhythm.

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