Thursday, March 5, 2009

Medical Assistant for Leather stomach Diagnostic Analysis

Medical Assistant for Leather stomach Diagnostic AnalysisSt. Augustine School of Medical Assistants, Hans said, Leather stomach, also known as diffuse infiltrative gastric cancer or Borrmann IV type gastric cancer, has a unique biological behavior, the lack of endoscopic mucosal changes. Biopsy positive rate is not high, easily misdiagnosed. Medical Assistant Hans pointed out that type of gastric cancer a high degree of malignancy. Course of rapid development and poor prognosis.

Medical Assistant Hans Said, Leather stomach refers mainly in the stomach wall with gastric diffuse infiltrative growth, since all levels of submucosa vertical and horizontal proliferation of surrounding infiltration with fibrous tissue hyperplasia, thickening of gastric wall hardens so. But not to the cavity formation process of the tumor, nor the formation of large ulcers. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants Hans said, Borrmann put it as advanced gastric cancer of type IV, namely, diffuse infiltrative type of gastric cancer. About 10% of all gastric cancer, clinical manifestations and prognosis are different from other types of gastric cancer. Medical Assistant Hans pointed out, Leather stomach although advanced gastric cancer, but often misdiagnosed or missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis rate of 10% -30%, little 5-year survival.

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants Hans analysis of the causes of misdiagnosis for: 1. A lack of understanding of Leather stomach; 2. The lack of specific symptoms and signs; 3. Medical technicians diagnosed the level of the poor.

Medical Assistant Hans consider the diagnosis means to have: 1. Endoscopy: gastroscopy are the main means of diagnosis of gastric cancer. 2.CT inspection. 3.X-ray barium upper gastrointestinal tract: The Leather stomach inspection of the diagnosis rate is higher than endoscopy, especially suitable for weak physique, gastroscopy have concerns of patients.

Medical Assistant Hans pointed out that measures to avoid misdiagnosis has: 1. Improve endoscopic diagnosis and biopsy level. 2. Combination of imaging examination, in combination with X-ray barium on digestion, CT, such as a comprehensive analysis of inspection, conditional ultrasound endoscopy are feasible and is conducive to the early diagnosis of Leather stomach.

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