Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let a Man relaxing corner of 10

More and more men, willing to listen to their inner voice, and is willing to admit their own and women have the same emotions. However, they still cautious, as it deems most secure "private space", its own.

1. Car

Analogy will be a lot of people, cars are a Man's "concubine", Mounts greasily and privacy. The door shut on no one can disturb. Drive can also go to any place want to go to fully satisfy the desires of men want to move.

2. Bed

Besides, the bed can also be a lot of things to do. A lot of people will listen to bedtime music or highlight points book, it may

3. TV

TV remote control like a strong power, click on the change of Units 1, but also for the world. Off after the Man can be seen from the remote control switch was a little grasp of the excitement, but also from sitting staring, the mood relaxed.

4. Network

Network illusory world, the modern men are only enjoyed by "private space", whether it is anonymous Internet Make friends, or travel in a variety of different websites, This is a Man feel relaxed yet stimulating place.

5. Office of the staircase

When the job came when the pressure of an avalanche, stairs or kitchen became a Man's "private space", whether it's chat or a cup of coffee can immediately relax, conversion mood is the best place.

6. Gym or sports grounds

Men are full of action camp, running or weight training, you can completely do not need to speak, but also quietly immersed in their own world, at the same time, physical activity, relieve stress.

7. Bookstore

A wide range of books or magazines, Men's attention can be shifted temporarily from their own problems in isolation out. Books provided by the knowledge, but also are a source of intelligent Man. Therefore, the bookstore is the place they love, especially the 24-hour large-scale bookstores, so forget a lot of Man.

8. Bar

American likes to open a bartender jokes, jokes that they are a psychotherapist, because each of the men got into the bar, in the few yellow belly soup cans, the mind on the endless stream of it. Alcohol, of course, a Man can relax.

9. "Three warm" or spa Men

Men are very fond of washing "three warm", but also the courage to try new Man spa. Seems a lot of room for people to live together, but it is the washing of all, the bubble of all, the non-aggression. Men enjoy Madadayo up in smoke, think different thoughts, washed three water temperature, but also wash away the fatigue of one.

10. Him want to go any place

May place a child growing up, or it may be a particular context of space, to where he can relax, emotional stability.

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