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Buttocks to judge people's personality and Sexual Capacity

Buttocks to judge people's personality and Sexual Capacity
There is no doubt that the buttocks are the body parts of one of the most sexy. But only to observe a person's buttocks will be able to determine the degree of personality and sexy? Russian experts on this issue is surprise.

Buttocks appearance decide Sexual Capacity

For a Man, nothing is wrapped than women in tight jeans in its more rounded buttocks of a distracted. Similarly, women's views on this issue it is difficult distinction of any kind. The vast majority of women admit that they look the most attractive men are always the buttocks, but no matter how exaggerated Man, buttocks are still far more attractive than others. Have a look like good-looking, muscular men in hip-bed at the first between the stronger and more durable, and compact and rounded buttocks of women in bed is very active, even though his personality may be more harsh and advocating material.

Below the long tail of people have symmetrical wrinkles trustworthy, stable and calm personality. In contrast, asymmetrical wrinkles selfishness and greed on behalf of people's personality. Buttocks on both sides have "ear-shaped bulge," said in love and marriage is very loyal, but with this characteristics of the shortcomings of men and women are too Zhongyong personality dare not deviate from them. Wide and flat buttocks sag female personality is very kind, virtuous wives and mothers are excellent.

Buttocks to judge people's personality and Sexual Capacity Different characteristics of different personality

Around the body are not absolutely symmetrical. Slightly larger than the right side of the left buttocks of the person, preferably near to early marriage - remain single for their great harm. On the other hand, the right of life of older people suffered more major problem (male occupations, women's reproductive issues). Has long hair on behalf of the buttocks is usually warm and pleasant personality, but these people at the genetic vulnerability on pelvic organ diseases. Necessary to bear in mind is that if parents have such features, they give birth to their children vulnerable to psychological imbalance, manifested as moody personality. Head and tail have red hair black hair often different intrinsic talent and extreme emotional, and has red hair and gray hair men portfolio indicates that capacity is weak and cynical personality. Birthmark on the location of the buttocks also represent different meanings. Top there is a long ass birthmark usually passionate and courageous. From solemn and quiet personality of its long birthmark in the middle, and lower part of the birthmark is foreshadowed the ill-fated.
Buttocks to judge people's personality and Sexual CapacityWestern "with buttocks surgery," becoming popular

People may have noticed, the more open and more self-proficient in the political arena warlock of "buttocks surgery", they claimed the buttocks can be judged by observing the ups and downs of life. The so-called "experts" said that the left buttock section contains information of the past, and right on behalf of the Ministry of the person's talent and potential.

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