Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nine strokes teach you to prevent allergic

The spring of each year for allergy is always mixed, because at outdoor cause allergy. Do not worry, however, the following nine small with disabilities do not allow you to worry about allergies.

1. Clean air-conditioning

Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic Doctor Stanley Feynman said, the regular cleaning of air conditioning vents are very important. Vents should be regular cleaning, dust and dust will because at such a gap in deposition. He suggested that the filter or coarse cotton cloth used to clean air conditioning vents.

2. The replacement of shower curtain

Bathrooms are an ideal breeding ground for mold. According to Georgia State College of Medicine professor of allergy and immunology Aoun than Dennis said, at home in any moist places mold can be formed. Apart from the replacement of shower curtain, Dennis Aoun than Doctor also recommends regular cleaning of the bathroom: either quickly dry and humid regions, or the use of bleach to remove mold Products.

3. Using a vacuum cleaner cleaning the room

Experts recommend a weekly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, including furniture, carpets and curtains. Columbia Medical Center, director of allergy clinics in United Doctor Marjorie recommends cleaning at the time to bring the best people allergic to dust-proof mask.

4. Close door and windows

Although you want to breathe fresh air, but also behind closed doors and windows. Because doing so can prevent pollen inside. Dr. Marjorie said behind closed doors and windows, the use of filters with air-conditioning, 90 percent do so to avoid pollen entered the room.

5. To reduce pet hair, dander

Pet hair, dander will cause allergy. Way to prevent not to let pets into the bedroom. University of South California Allergy and Asthma Clinic Doctor Chairman Richard Barber said, This is because most of the time people stay in the bedroom.

6. Visited allergy specialist

New York, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Director of Allergy and Asthma Clinic Doctor Bass Cohn suggested that if you have not yet carried out allergy testing, allergy specialist to visit a doctor. Surrounding environment to reduce allergy was very important, but patients and doctors talk is equally important.

7. Clean sheets and pillowcases

Most of the time people spent in the bedroom, another so to create allergen-free environment is washed once a week and bed linen. Doctors recommend washing with water, because it can kill dust. Doctors recommend weekly cleaning linens, cleaning 2-4 weeks blankets.

8. The replacement of door and window curtains

Use blinds or washable curtains or blinds curtain alternative can also help control dust. Through the curtains can be cleaned regularly to prevent accumulation of dust in the curtains.

9. At the spring cleaning the house

What more appropriate time than spring cleaning the bedroom then? Through the removal of decorative bolster, mat and a dust collector can also reduce the dust off the bedroom. According to Doctor Barber said, the maintenance of housing environment is very important because indoor allergens may cause allergy.

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SSQuo said...

Very Helpful. One of the things I KNOW but dont do as often is the comforters/blankets. I dont think I need to do them every two weeks, I think I'll go for three-four week. That reminds me I'm going to wash them today. Thanks for this.

skywind said...

I am very pleased to be helpful to your health, SSQuo. :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Very helpful as I am suffering right now due to allergies and asthma related to the allergies.

Discount said...

Allergy Air Purifier provide homeowners with fresh clean air that is very important for ones overall good health. People do not realize that they are breathing such poor quality air in their homes. Our indoor air contains more toxins than many people realized do. In many instances, the air indoors is more toxic than the air outdoors. This is because air pollutants are trapped inside the home and cannot get out due to the air tightness of many homes. It is very important to our overall health to have good clean air in our homes.

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