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Response speed revealed that the length of life of people

Response speed revealed that the length of life of people
According to British "Daily Mail" reported March 7: the United Kingdom a study that compared with the blood pressure, exercise and weight and other factors, a person's reaction speed to better reveal the length of its life.

University of Edinburgh, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom Medical Research Council researchers across the country 7414 85-year-old volunteers 20 years of follow-up survey. Researchers through a micro-screen and with five key figure of electronic devices to measure the reaction rate of volunteers. Volunteers need to figure appears on the screen when pressed the corresponding number key.

During the study period a total of 1289 people died, one of 568 people died of a heart attack. Subsequently, the researchers combined with smoking, weight and other factors, have been killed and is still the World Record response volunteers were compared.

The results showed that the slow response of the people of the chance of early death are 2.6 times of ordinary people. Higher probability of smoking fatal, was 3.03 times. The researchers said that the reaction rate, including cardiovascular disease are a variety of reasons, including the cause of death, people facing the choice of reaction speed and IQ has great relevance. Studies have shown that higher IQ people more physically healthy, longer life expectancy. This way of life should have a great relationship, because the people with high IQs tend to less smoking, less obesity.

In contrast, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, waist-hip ratio, alcohol consumption and body mass index and other factors to the small number of fatal impact. However, in heart disease deaths, the blood pressure is greater than the reaction rate.

The researchers said that people's reaction speed is the level of intelligence, the brain information processing capacity and the body of the true embodiment of coordination ability. Slow response, the brain information processing capacity weak, there is a recession may be the performance of physical functions, but also people decide an important reason for premature death.

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