Thursday, March 26, 2009

Consumption of beef and mutton may cause substantial eye blind people

According to British "Daily Mail" reported: Australia study found that eating too much beef and mutton can increase the chances of half of the blind.

University of Melbourne, Australia researchers of 5600 (40 years old -50 years old and 50-year-old during the period -60 years old) the health of the respondents conducted a 13-year follow-up.

The study found that 10 times a week to eat beef, mutton or pork, his blind chance than 5 times a week people eat a high 50%. However, the chicken can prevent age-related macular degeneration, while those who consumed at least once a week 3-4 times chicken people, the blind chance of a week than those who consumed 1-2 times a person with low 57%. In other words, these follow-up by the consumption of beef and mutton and chicken and the latter part of the study carried out by the eye test results are matched.

However, from the Royal Australian Institute of Ophthalmology's spokesman argued that the evidence is still insufficient to give some reasonable proposals put forward by the public.

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