Sunday, March 8, 2009

Study shows that the risk of cold driving almost like drink driving

Study shows that the risk of cold driving almost like drink drivingThe United Kingdom January 31 announced the results of a study showed that the cold will enable drivers to distraction, reaction speed decreased, the negative impact on safe driving and drink driving considerable.

According to British "Daily Mail" reported that the study was conducted by British bank Lloyds TSB Group's insurance agency was launched. Allow researchers, including dozens of patients with influenza, including hundreds of people in a simulated driving test device, as compared with healthy patients with influenza-like driving capabilities. The results showed that patients with influenza-like road conditions on the reaction speed and vigilance of the driver than the health of low-around 11%. Cold on the driving ability of drivers, "the equivalent of drinking whiskey two effects."

British Association of Accident Prevention Joe Stagg said that the disease may affect the person's reaction speed, observation capacity and ability to judge. In his view, the cold medicine has many side effects such as drowsiness, the driver of a cold medication should be careful.

In addition, the study also found that under excessive pressure or suffering from premenstrual tension and headache driver capacity is also lower than healthy people.

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